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  1. -34% In Pursuit Of Carpiness DVD (Mark Pitchers & Harry Charrington) In Pursuit Of Carpiness DVD (Mark Pitchers & Harry Charrington)
    Join me, Mark Pitchers, and my not-so-trusty sidekick Harry Charrington, as we leave the U.K and set off on the mother of all road trips In Pursuit of Carpiness. We kick things off in Slovenia where I find myself face-to-face with my worse nightmare! The next leg of our journey takes us transatlantic as we plunge balls deep in N.Y.C. Here we visit what is undoubtedly the most famous urban parks on the planet, and we soon discover the true meaning of love! With New York done we hit the road once again and head off to our next destination where we celebrate the 4th of July in the carpiest way possible. Then things took an unexpected twist; we were going off piste and this little adventure was about to become a great big one.
  2. The family-based fishing show features expert anglers Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey going head-to-head in a series of fishing challenges, with a helping hand from special guests from the worlds of TV, sport and entertainment including Tamer Hassan, Micky Norcross, Julian Lewis Jones, Kirk Norcross, Dappy, Ollie Locke, David Seaman, Tommy Hill, Scot Maslen and Graham Napier.

    The DVD includes over three hours of fun and camaraderie as the teams tackle big carp, tench, crucians, grayling, barbel, bass, roach and even the monstrous wels catfish across a variety of venues, home and abroad.
  3. The Korda Complete Guide To Holiday Carp Fishing comprises a book and 2 DVDs. The book is packed with comprehensive fish-catching tips on how to ensur
  4. Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing Part 8 is the latest in the fantastic Underwater series from Korda. This instalment features the second
  5. The eight-show run features the cream of Team Korda along with a few new faces tackling some of the premier venues in the UK for your enjoyment. The s
Set Descending Direction