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  1. -20% Avid Transit Extreme Barrow Avid Transit Extreme Barrow
    The Transit Extreme Barrow boasts a whole host of innovative features that will make transporting heavy loads over long distances a much easy task than ever before. Multi-width side bars now allow for your gear to be loaded & unloaded with ease and can be transported in any number of configurations. The Transit Extreme Barrow also features an extending front rack which allows for large items such as buckets, carryalls, Chairs & Bedchairs to be carried securely, thanks to the 2 heavy duty security straps.
  2. -48% Chub Outkast Easy Fold Barrow Chub Outkast Easy Fold Barrow
    The ideal barrow for the movile angler, easily folds to a compact size for easy transportation and storage.
  3. The Cocoon 2G barrow is designed with a quick and easy fold in/out system for rapid set up and pack down, to make the most of these extra minutes on the bank. The adjustable front and side bars allow for a large loading surface to fit several days kit on to ensure you only need one trip to the swim, yet it packs down to a low profile for easy storage. The narrow wheel is designed for easy manoeuvring on winding paths and perfect for firm surfaces. The wide wheel design with deep tread makes the barrow more stable and allows it to grip into soft surfaces to prevent slippage.
  4. -10% Nash KNX Barrow Nash KNX Barrow
    No nonsense rugged load shifter for all terrain.

    Rugged load shifter
  5. -10% Nash Trax Evo MK2 Nash Trax Evo MK2
    Nash Trax Evo Mk 2
    An updated and improved version of the best selling Trax Evo, offering secure storage for heavy loads and easy transport for long session kit.
  6. -10% Nash Trax Evo Power Barrow Nash Trax Evo Power Barrow
    Step into the future of transporting carp kit, and never break sweat again even during the longest walks on the most remote venues.
  7. -10% Nash Trax Metro Power Barrow Nash Trax Metro Power Barrow
    Step into the future of transporting carp kit, and never break sweat again even during the longest walks on the most remote venues.
  8. -20% Prestige Carp Porter Mk2 Standard Prestige Carp Porter Mk2 Standard

    Includes bag, deluxe y bar, bungees, and spares kit .
  9. -20% Shimano Trench 2 Wheel Barrow Shimano Trench 2 Wheel Barrow
    Organised Compact Design Barrow fitting all the trench luggage perfectly (Also fits square buckets). Low To Ground Design gives Ultimate Stability whilst the twin bearing wheels give a smooth ride. A detachable bed and chair frame at the front allowing these heavy items to be loaded infront of the wheels creating a Anti Gravity effect.
  10. The ultimate carp-gear transporter with a unique, aluminium frame design that allows both one-wheel and two-wheel configurations.
  11. -20% Trakker Access Barrow Trakker Access Barrow
    Designed to allow you to access the conveniently positioned storage compartments and efficiently “fish off the barrow”, the Access Barrow features unique front loading “bed tusks” that allow you to put the majority of the weight of your barrow right over the front wheel to balance your barrow perfectly when fully laden and comes complete with two bed-fixing straps. It features a sliding under barrow draw that can be access even when the barrow is loaded up and water carrier saddle bags with side access which have been positioned either side of the wheel for excellent weight distribution. The removable wheel has a built-in mud guard to prevent the transfer of mud and water onto your bed system with front and side folding bars that fold completely flat, making the packed down barrow very compact for its size.
  12. -21% Trakker X-Trail Gravity Barrow
    <p>Where the X-Trail Gravity Barrow excels is in its overall usability, created by its inherent lower centre of balance, giving it superior stability during loading and excellent performance over all terrains. Once fully-loaded, with the bulk of the weight over the load-bearing front wheel, the X-Trail Gravity just needs guiding on its way, making it effortless to use even with the most challenging of payloads.</p>
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