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Barrow Accessories

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  1. -11% Avid Dura-Stop Barrow Cover Avid Dura-Stop Barrow Cover
    This barrow cover is designed to be used on all modern barrows. It’s constructed from our unique Dura-Stop material, features fully taped seams and has an elasticated seams allowing it to fit all manners of barrows.
  2. -20% Fox Camo Barrow Cover
    Designed specifically for use with Fox Explorer Barrows, however, will fit most barrows on the market
  3. -20% JRC Cocoon 2G Universal Barrow Straps JRC Cocoon 2G Universal Barrow Straps
    Fits many standard sized barrows in the market
    Tough design with nylon-ABS hooks
    For securing valuable gear on the barrow
  4. -20% Korum Trolley Chair Bungee Straps
    Two fully adjustable elasticated bungee cords with tough plastic hooks at both ends. Ideal for use with the Korum single wheel barrow.
  5. No more wet bed mattresses or guest chairs when arriving, packing up or moving swims in wet weather, the Trax Barrow Cover features strong diagonal elasticated internal cords with tough plastic grip hooks that locate quickly around the frames of Trax barrows, and offer universal fit for other models. Tape seamed for wet weather performance and screen printed with the stylish Nash fish logo.
  6. Purpose designed to fit the side load support bars on the high capacity Trax Evo barrow, the Side Loader adds generous capacity, swallowing anything from pods to sleeping bags – in short anything you need to stow away quickly or access fast whilst leaving the session hardwear in place on the barrow load base.
  7. Quickly clips to the rear handles of either Trax barrow for hands on storage when moving swims. Perfect for waterproofs, waders, even cool drinks for when you’re travelling long distances – stash it and go, and find it instantly when you need it without unpacking the bulk of your kit. Fits both Metro and Evo barrows.
  8. -20% Prestige Carp Porter CAMO Porter Pals (Pair)
    Prestige Carp Porter Porter Pals are one of the most useful accessories ever. Prestige Carp Porter Porter Pals clip anywhere on the frame. They can be used for bait tackle or whatever you want.
  9. -20% Prestige Carp Porter Mk2 DPM Camo Side Bags
    Prestige Carp Porter Mk2 Side Bags are a handy accessory bag which attaches to the side bars of either Mk2 or Power Porter carp barrows
  10. -20% Thinking Anglers Cover Up Thinking Anglers Cover Up
    A compact, waterproof sheet with six elastic loops that can be used in a multitude of different ways. The Cover Up works well as a small groundsheet under your bedchair, as a mini shelter when secured in trees, as a barrow cover, or for placing over your unhooking mat… to name just a few.
  11. -20% Trakker Lock & Load Barrow Straps Trakker Lock & Load Barrow Straps
    After loading up your barrow it’s important to ensure that your tackle is secured for safe transportation. The Lock & Load Barrow Straps feature 50mm webbing which has very little stretch so that your tackle is safely strapped down with little chance of movement with strong quick release mounting clips to attach to your barrow and can extend to two meters to handle the largest of loads.
  12. -21% Trakker Safety Barrow Strap
    Rugged elastic strap for securing fishing gear during transportation.
  13. -20% Wychwood Barrow Elastic Set
    Bungee style elastics with Moulded hook ends
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