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Ready Rigs / Hooks to Nylon

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  1. Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Pellet hooks are the hook of choice on commercial fisheries when using soft pellet.

    8 barbless hooks tied to 20cm of extra strong, low diameter mono.

    Available in sizes
    10s to 6lb (0.18),
    12s to 5lb (0.16),
    14s to 4lb (0.15),
    16s to 3lb 8oz (0.14),
    18s to 3lb 8oz (0.14).
  2. Drennan Carbon Feeder Hook To Nylons are ideal for fishing bigger baits and combinations baits for bream and tench.

    Available in sizes 10s to 7lb (0.20), 12s to 6lb (0.18), 14s to 5lb (0.16), 16s to 4lb (0.14) and 18s to 3lb 8oz (0.14).
  3. Power Bandits have an acute upturned eye this sits the hook dead straight on the hooklink providing improved presentation and hooking ratios.
  4. Super Spade Hooks To Nylon feature an incurved needle point that provides an excellent hook hold.

    These hooks to nylon are ideal for targeting big fish. The smaller sizes are perfect for mounting baits such as maggots and are the go to hook for most anglers when trotting for big chub
  5. Wide Gape Hook To Nylons have an extra wide gape with plenty of room to hold big baits.

    These hooks to nylon are ideal for fishing with bigger baits such as paste, meat or combination baits.
  6. The barbless B911 design with its wide gape and long swept point is the ideal hook for landing hard fighting fish from stillwater venues. Each hook is tied to hi-tech Japanese monofilament that gives a combination of low stretch and high linear strength. The chemically sharpened needle point is precision engineered to stay sharp longer. Combined with slightly heavier breaking strains of Kamasan hook length, this is a superb range of hooks, especially for barbless only carp venues.
  7. These convenient, pre-tied 12" (30cm) hooklengths feature the barbless B911 X-Strong eyed hooks on an appropriately sized hi-tech, low diameter Japanese mono and take the hassle out of tying hair rigs while fishing. Perfect for use with hard pellets or pulled into softer baits when using waggler or feeder, and method/pellet feeder when shortened.
  8. The CS Series Hooks To Nylon range is a bespoke range of barbless rigs, purpose built for use with different baits. They are the perfect rigs for today's commercial fisheries, whether you are feeder fishing, float fishing, or even for bomb work.
  9. The Korum Hair Rigs with Quickstops allow you to quickly change your bait, without the hassle of having to tie your own hooklengths! These hooklengths are available in both 4" and 15" lengths and hook sizes 10-16 and barbed and barbless.
  10. A range of pre-tied hooks to nylon perfect for commercial fishery applications. Available in three patterns tied to high quality mono. 15 inch / 40cm hooklengths
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