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  1. The internal 'grip spikes' that give the Gripmesh Feeder its name are different lengths so these excellent feeders really do hold bait very well.

    They are ideal for soft or semi-dry groundbait mixes, dampened pellets, expander pellets, cubed meat, liquidised bread, crushed hemp and even chopped worm if you get the consistency right!
  2. Groundbait Feeders are produced in an extra-tough and durable polymer and are designed to cover a multitude of still and moving water swims.
  3. The latest Oval Blockend Feeders are now made from a stronger plastic for improved longevity and feature a more streamlined, low profile.
  4. Drennan Stainless Oval Cage Feeders have a low profile which ensures they hug the bottom of your swim more effectively and are also less obvious to wary fish.
  5. -41% Enterprise Tackle Anti-Tangle Leger Booms - Small 4cm Enterprise Tackle Anti-Tangle Leger Booms - Small 4cm
    This quick release design is perfect for avoiding knots by keeping the hook length a short distance away. Supplied with 6mm buffer beads.
  6. Originally successful on commercial match waters the flat method feeder has now been adopted for bigger carp on the prolific runs waters. But to cope with long range casting, larger diameter reel lines and to have enough weight to work effectively as a bolt rig, bigger, heavier and more aerodynamic method feeders are needed.
  7. The original in-line method feeder, this is totally safe to carp as it has a rubber grommet that grips a size 7 swivel to create that important bolt effect. However, once under pressure the swivel comes free from the grommet turning the feeder into a running rig.
  8. The Guru Cage Feeder is the latest addition to the growing range. They’re super-versatile and will appeal to both commercial match anglers and specimen hunters, targeting the rivers in search of chub, barbel and bream. The development team carried forward what they’d learnt when designing the other feeders and applied it to these cage versions, of which there are four sizes.
  9. We can say without the slightest hint of hype that the new Specialist Gripper Feeders are the best river feeders available. Literally hundreds of hours of research, design and testing has gone into these beautiful feeders, and the list of attributes bears this out.

    The Specialist Gripper Feeder is available in two sizes, large and medium, and in 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz versions.
  10. Kamasan Black Cap Feeders are an excellent maggot feeder, as unlike some maggot feeders little or no bait usally remains even after a short period in the water. They are available in three sizes and four weights.
  11. Supplied with a removable set of caps, the Combi-Feeder can be used as a block end or an open end feeder depending on the situation.
  12. Large specimen mesh feeders with a flat base which holds bottom better than round feeders. The mesh construction is perfect for a quick release of damp pellets, other particles and groundbait.
  13. Large specimen mesh feeders with a flat base which holds bottom better than round feeders. The mesh construction is perfect for a quick release of damp pellets, other particles and groundbait.
  14. The holes in the side make them a slightly slower release than the mesh making them more suitable for deeper water or more difficult conditions.
  15. Designed to sit low on the river bed, the River Feeder was designed to allow angler's to use less lead on their feeders, making your tackle bag lighter! It's hydrodynamic shape allows the water to pass easily over the top of the feeder, while the specially designed holes allow the flavour to leak out from the feeder and downstream.
  16. This unique feeder is especially designed for running water, the anchors allow it to ‘grip’ the river bed in strong currents where it would often not be possible with a standard feeder.

    Available in 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 110g & 120g
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