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  1. Twin Tip with 1.5lb T/C tubular tip and 2oz Quiver Tip Top.
  2. This is Daiwa's ultimate barbel rod design. The amazingly slim blank, reinforced with 1K woven harnesses tremendous power but offers an exquisite fish playing action. Able to propel large loads at distance and handle high strengths of main lines, the choice of test curves ensures any approach is covered.
  3. -29% Daiwa Powermesh Barbel Rod 12ft 2.75lb Daiwa Powermesh Barbel Rod 12ft 2.75lb
    The high grade reinforced blank of this barbel special delivers plenty of casting power, balanced with fish playing cushion.
  4. The specialist angler is versatile in methods and demanding of the gear.

    With this in mind we have designed the Powermesh Specialist collection. High grade reinforced blanks with plenty of fish playing cushion that will see every specimen subdued.
  5. These 12’ twin tip specialist rods are available in three test curves; 1.5, 1.75 and 2.25lbs. Each is supplied with a quiver top with two interchangeable tips and a tubular top for ‘meatier’ set ups such as floater work and heavier feeders.
  6. In dictating the exact capabilities and action, Martin needed this rod to cope with extreme conditions. It needed to be capable of extracting fish from flooded water, launching a huge feeder across rivers such as the Trent or Severn, have sufficient reserves of power to handle big fish in snaggy swims and yet be forgiving enough to avoid hook pulls. This exceptional blank has all those capabilities and is powerful enough to be used with mainlines up to 15lb, and will comfortably handle the leads needed to hold bottom in extreme currents.
  7. With a powerful semi-through action it is ideally suited to modern barbel tactics where the capture of a double figure fish is a real prospect on almost all British rivers.

    It is suited to main lines of 10lb to 12lb and will comfortably cope with leads of up to 3oz.
  8. The 1 1/4lb test curve Drennan Series 7 Specialist Avon Quiver 11ft has a nice through action which is great for playing fish and for avoiding hook pulls.
  9. This multi-purpose 12ft Specialist Avon Quiver rod is a great all rounder with a 1 1/4lb test curve and two entirely separate top joint systems.
  10. The original Tench & Bream rod was launched back in 2009 and was purpose designed for anglers fishing at range for specimen bream and tench. It quickly became a must-have rod among specialist anglers and the all-new Mk2 version is a very worthy successor.

    The Drennan Specialist 12ft Tench & Bream Mk2 is purpose designed for the discerning big fish angler and The Drennan Specialist 12ft Distance Tench & Bream Mk2 is ideal for targeting specimen fish at long range.

  11. With the ability to change top sections, this rod becomes extremely versatile and enables the angler to use this rod for multiple uses, on both rivers and still waters and for a range of species and angling situations.

    The rod is made from a high-modulus carbon blank that is extremely well balanced with both top sections and has full SiC guides, secure DPS reel seat, stylish matt green paint finish, cork handle with duplon casting grip and has an excellent casting and fish playing action.
  12. Featuring 1.75lb and 2.25lb test solid tops for durability. This rod has a delightfully powerful through action combined with a steely lower middle to butt section and is the ultimate barbel rod for the modern river specialist.
  13. Designed to take the helm from Fox’s best selling Warrior S range, these Royale rods have been created with diversity of use in mind and perform equally well coarse fishing on rivers as they do specialist fishing on stillwaters.
  14. -13% Fox Specialist Duo-Lite Specimen Rod - 12ft 2.75lb
    A powerful specialist rod to tame big river or floodwater barbel. Capable of chucking heavily-loaded feeders or anchoring leads to 8oz in extreme conditions. Guides are double legged for durability and sized and spaced to prevent clogging with weed.
  15. Barbel and Twin Tip rods make the Prodigy PB range ideal for specialist and light specimen big fish work. These high modulus rods have a balanced, lightweight feel, while retaining lots of casting and fish playing power. Both types of rod provide tip choices to cover a wide range of applications and are fitted out with top quality components, including braid safe SiC line guides.
  16. Well balanced rods, with improved build quality over their predecessors.
  17. The Korum Allrounder rods are designed to allow you to try various tactics without swapping and changing between different application rods. Perfect for ledgering, float fishing and surface fishing techniques.
  18. These stunning rods have been designed to provide anglers with the classic, traditional-style tools for a wide range of angling applications
  19. This versatile quiver rod is an ideal tool when fishing for many different species with a feeder. It makes a superb roving river rod, and is the perfect tool for a multitude of stillwater applications. The rod comes with a 1oz and 2oz tip. Line rating 4-10lb. Packs down into two equal pieces.
  20. Barbel Rod 12’ 1.75lb
    Customised to suit the needs of the modern big-fish river angler. Complete with white tips for bite detection, tough rod guides and slim cork handles, they are a functional tool perfect for chasing big barbel. Maximum casting weight: 5oz Line rating: 8lb-15lb

    Barbel Rod 12’ 2lb
    Customised to suit the needs of the modern big-fish river angler. Complete with white tips for bite detection, tough rod guides and slim cork handles, they are a functional tool perfect for chasing big barbel. Maximum casting weight: 6oz Line rating: 8lb-15lb
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