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  1. -20% Drennan Quiver Rest - Green
    The classic design Quiver Rest is absolutely ideal for quiver-tipping on rivers and still­waters.
  2. -20% Drennan Specialist Non-Slip Wing Rest Drennan Specialist Non-Slip Wing Rest
    The traditional shape of the Specialist Wing Rest has been tried and tested by anglers over many years. The wing shape is secure and trouble free and therefore extremely popular.
  3. The MK2 is available in both a 3-rod and 4-rod version and benefits from many of the great features of the original Ranger but with the added benefit of a number of improvements that help to make this possibly the most versatile rod pod ever released!
  4. -20% Korum Angle Tilt Rod Rest
    The perfect rest to use with the Korum feeder arms. The deep V allows use with free spool reels whilst preventing the rod from being pulled out of the rest.
    Complete with locking nut.
  5. -20% Korum Barbel Rest
    Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Overmoulded section to provide a softer rest against your rod. Perfect for modern feeder fishing for big fish.
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