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Net Bags / Stink Sleeves

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  1. New-20% Aqua Camo Landing Net Stink Sleeve
    Made using DPM pattern Aquatexx and designed to store wet nets and weigh slings with rigid bars it is suitable for up to 42" landing nets.
  2. New-20% Aqua Landing Net Stink Sleeve
    The Aqua Landing Net Stink Sleeve has been designed to store wet landing nets and weigh slings.
  3. Designed to transport chair and nets in an easy to manage bag. Chairs fit sideways increasing ground clearance and making them easier to carry.
  4. -20% Thinking Anglers Wet Net Bag Thinking Anglers Wet Net Bag
    A waterproof bag that’s been designed to house your wet net after a successful session. Once your net is rolled up inside it, the car, home or garage is safe from slime and odours.
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