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Unhooking Mats / Fish Care

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  1. Curved arm forceps. Perfect for removing big hooks from fish.
  2. Straight arm forceps. Perfect for removing big hooks from fish.
  3. -20% Fox Specialist Compact Unhooking Mat
    This handy new unhooking is incredibly lightweight and as the name would suggest it also rolls up to a very compact size for ease of transportation.
  4. -20% Gardner Multi-Species Weigh Sling
    The Gardner Multi-Species Weigh Sling is perfect for the mobile angler who likes to care for his catch. The Gardner Multi-Species Weigh Sling is a str
  5. -20% Gardner Specimen Sling Mat Gardner Specimen Sling Mat
    The lightweight design and stitched in handles make this the perfect weigh sling/mat combo for the specialist angler.
  6. Made from super soft, well padded 210D waterproof fabric, this medium Prodigy Klip-On Unhooking Mat offers a safe, compact surface for you to unhook even the liveliest of fish on. It has pegging points in each corner and is roomy enough for you to kneel on - without the need for extra extensions. There are two 30cm long elasticated loops for storing the mat away in rolled up form, plus two unique Klip-On adjustable webbing straps, which allow it to be attached to Prodigy bags and rucksacks. The attachment straps are housed in discrete storage pockets, so they can be tucked neatly away while the mat is in use. Another bonus feature is a shallow tool pocket, ideal for keeping your forceps or various disgorgers in.
  7. -25% Korum Fast Mat Korum Fast Mat
    Fishcare made faster! This fantastic innovation provides a pop-up unhooking mat that's as easy to use as it is to transport. Designed to provide a lightweight alternative to cradle style mats, this Mat clips to all Korum luggage and can be put up in seconds.
  8. -25% Korum Multi Mat Korum Multi Mat
    This mat is a combined unhooking mat, weigh sling and carry bag. Ideal for the mobile angler.
  9. These roll-up unhooking mats are compatible with a number of items of Korum luggage, so anglers can carry them with their luggage rather than as a separate item.

  10. -25% Korum Roving Weigh Sling Korum Roving Weigh Sling
    The Korum Roving Weigh Sling is the ultimate lightweight weigh sling. Ideal for the mobile angler, or where space is at a premium.
  11. -25% Korum Weigh Sling
    A design classic, the Korum sling holds fish centrally, giving full support whatever the size. The fish-friendly, wipe clean lining does not remove protective slime, ensuring fish welfare. Extra strong carry/weigh handles are flag stitched for maximum strength.
  12. No nonsense generous carp protection. When folded, a great way to carry banksticks, waterproofs and other items for that mobile approach or fill with your stalking gear and go find them.
  13. -10% Nash Scope Sling Mat Nash Scope Sling Mat
    Strap your Scopes and Sawn-Offs to your sling mat for the ultimate mobility solution.
    The sling mat that carries your rods
    8cm high density foam padding and peachskin water resistant finish
    Folds to be carried sling style and doubles for carrying stalking kit
  14. Soft fish friendly, Lightweight weigh sling.
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