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  1. -20% Dinsmores Bait Dropper Dinsmores Bait Dropper
    Perfect for accurate baiting on rivers, also works well on canals and lakes.
  2. -20% Drennan Boiliepult Caty Repair Kit
    Replacement latex elastics / tubing
  3. Brass Head Bread Punches offer a massive range of sizes to choose from when bread punch fishing. This extensive range effectively covers everything from delicate roach fishing, using hooks down to a sizes 22 and 24, right through to larger carp, tench and bream on lakes or chub on rivers using the larger diameter punches with hooks up to sizes 8 and 10.
  4. -20% Drennan Feederpult Catapult (Large Pouch)
    The Drennan Feederpult has stood the test of time as one of the very best catapults ever made!
  5. -20% Drennan Feederpult Catapult Repair Kit - Spare Latex
    Drennan Feederpult Catapult Repair Kit - Spare Latex
  6. These models have been many months in devel­op­ment, field-testing and pro­duc­tion and the dif­fer­ence in quality of build is clearly visible!
  7. ESP Spare Latex Catapult Elastic to replace worn Elastic on all ESP catapults and some other brands.2 x 12 inch (30cm) lengths
  8. As part of Gardners ongoing product improvements, the large Slinga catapults are now supplied with new catapult pouch clips/fittings and upgraded natural colour latex elastic.
  9. Offering an integrated bait storage and protection system with four sizes of Push Punch, the Punch Box provides the perfect solution to the problem of keeping bread and meat baits fresh along with an effective way of punching out hook baits.
  10. -20% Guru Bait Punches Set 6, 8, 10 & 12mm
    4 Sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
  11. The new Korda Katapult is a thing of understated beauty! The first catapult is set to become the industry benchmark for reliability and fuss-free performance. Korda are launching two catapults - the light Katapult and the heavy Katapult. The light version has a medium pouch and thicker elastic whereas the heavy model has a bigger pouch and thinner elastic. The key distinction is that the heavy pult is perfect for introducing lots of bait in a short time up to roughly 60 yads. The light pult with put bait further but holds less per pouch. Now for the clever bit. We all know that twisted elastic is one of the biggest frustrations when using a catapult so the development team has engineered clever rotating collars into the end of the frame which will eliminate twist.

    Individual pouches are available too as are spare elastics. The small pouch is only available as a spare and is intended for introducing single boilies at long range.
  12. Long gone are the days of spending hours in the kitchen mashing up potent-smelling fishmeal boilies in a food blender. Why because the Korda Krusha is
  13. What a response we?ve had to the launch of this gem. It?s the brother to the Krusha and allows you to smash out loads of perfectly chopped boilies in
  14. -20% Korum Bait Punch Set
    The Korum Bait Punch is designed to punch out hookbait sized pellets from both luncheon meat and paste. Quick and simple to use. There are four sizes in each pack to suit all hook sizes.
  15. An ingenious tool to mould loose feed, pellets or groundbait into compressed balls in seconds for accurate and long range baiting.
    The unique patented Deliverance Ball Makers are the ultimate solution to fast and accurate groundbaiting.
  16. The Dot Spod casts extreme distance with zero spill yet always releases bait on impact even when clipped up or landing on its side. Floating, fast retrieve and loaded quickly with one hand the Dot Spod is suitable for all types of feed.
  17. A truly unique design principle, these are more than heavy enough to get the bait down to where you want it. Easy-to-use, they’re available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.
  18. The Commercial Punch Kit is ideal for creating perfect hookbaits, while also keeping them fresh from the outside elements, something extremely important particularly with bread baits. The box can be opened with one hand simply by pressing the button on the edge of box, the sprung lid will then open leaving you ready to punch your baits. The punches are stored inside the lid of the box and once selected, the punch in use can be stored in a separate compartment for convenience.
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