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Paste / Powdered Additives

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  1. Using ‘raw ingredients’ to concoct your own special mix is something many anglers spend hours perfecting. While Bait-Tech have done all the hard work with their comprehensive range of ready to use, highly effective groundbaits their range of additives allows any angler to tailor their mix to any situation.
    Bait-Tech Fishmeal,
    Bait-Tech Crushed Hemp,
    Bait-Tech Salmon Fry Crumb.
  2. Hinders Elips Paste is made from Hinders famous Elips Pellets that have taken the barbel world by storm. With added Elips Oil to make it pliable and easy to use, Elips Paste offers a versatile hookbait option to wrap around pellets, boilies and hookbaits.
  3. Want versatility? You'll love this mix! The selection of mini pellets all smaller than 3mm add the ultimate touch of textural and visual attraction to the mix. Use it in practically every angling situation and watch the fish’s confidence grow as they 'grub' around in the fine pellets.
  4. -20% Marine Nutrition Mysis 1kg
    Tiny freshwater Shrimp with very high nutritional profile - fish simply can't get enough of it. Mixes well into boilie mixes, spod mixes, pastes & groundbaits.
  5. Flavour Shakers are some of the best flavours and ingredients available
    Available in Cheesy Garlic or Super Krill
  6. -20% Sonubaits Groundbait & Pellet Binder 900g
    Groundbait and Pellet Binder is a simple-to-use additive that will help your groundbait, or pellets to bind or stick together.
  7. -20% Sonubaits So Natural Crushed Hemp 500g
    So Natural Crushed Hemp when introduced dry to prepared groundbait mixes gives the mix life, with particles 'fizzing' off and drawing fish down from the upper water column, or from downstream on rivers. Particularly effective when feeder fishing for roach and chub. Supplied in 500g bag.
  8. New-20% Sticky Baits Pure Natural Liver Powder 100g
    Our Enzyme treated Liver Powder is probably the lesser-known product of our Pure Natural range, however anyone who has used Liver powders in the past will certainly know they are one of the very best appetite stimulators and fish attractors available today.
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