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  1. -20% Bait-Tech Hemp Oil (500ml)
    Natural, organic, unrefined and packed with nutrients – Hemp oil with its high levels of Omega 6 is THE most attractive and enriching oil available. It boasts a complex but near perfect amino profile identifying the reason that fish are so attracted to it.
  2. -20% Bait-Tech Hot Chilli Oil (500ml)
    This oil is HOT! Natural and packed with nutrients this Hot Chilli Oil is stuffed with healthy Omegas and with an added kick to attract fish and enrich your baits.
  3. -20% Bait-Tech Krill & Tuna Oil (500ml)
    This Krill & Tuna combination is catching fish everywhere. This complex oil will add more flavour and attraction giving your bait even more boost. Strong Krill & Tuna elements give this oils its fishy pungency adding long range amino compounds to your swim. Attraction at its best to heighten the fishes sense – this is a kick of marine that no carp can resist.
  4. Bait-Tech’s range of liquids have long been winners, whether used as dips, glugs, in spod mixes, for soaking or in groundbait, these liquids provide something for everyone and are excellent fish attractors as they are packed with flavour.
  5. 100% natural ingredients infused with Bait-Tech's own spice blends and herb extracts make these oils the ones to be using.
    These 500ml Oils come in 4 flavours:
    Nutty Oil,
    Krill & Tuna Oil,
    Hemp Oil,
    Polony Oil,
    Super Fish Oil.
  6. -20% Bait-Tech Poloni Glug 250ml
    This thick delicious glug contains a unique 8 secret herbs and spice blend which means you can have complete confidence that this glug is stuffed with fish catching attractors!

    Poloni Glug will increase the pulling power of any hook bait, it’s also PVA friendly so its perfect for adding to solid PVA bags or PVA mesh stick mixes, the rich nutritional glug will leak off its super potent big fish catching attractors to help you put more carp on the bank.
  7. -20% Bait-Tech Polony Oil 500ml
    The attraction properties this oils holds is unrivaled. The natural herbs and spices that infuse this make it a must have addition for any serious angler. Made with Bait-Tech’s famous blend of 8 herbs and spices, this savoury-spiced liquid will excel in any situation. Complex amino and essence of Polony make this attraction at its best.
  8. Bait-Tech’s CSL is a sweet, flavour-packed, vitamin-rich liquid that can be used in a multitude of ways. Its uses really are endless as it’s ideal for mixing groundbaits and method mixes, soaking particles or pellets, glugging and flavouring pellets and as a boilie dip making a sloppy flavour-packed spod mix, or even fed as a neat flavour in shallow water….plus endless other uses! Available in: Natural, Chilli, Krill & Tuna.
  9. -20% Hinders Chilli Hemp Oil 250ml
    Hemp oil works brilliantly on its own - add Chilli to it and you have even greater attraction.
  10. All the goodness of the Elips Pellets in oil form.
  11. Hinders Nodd Oil is such a fine fish oil that it's easy to use all year round. Makes a huge slick to attract fish to your hookbait in a flash!
  12. Hinders Tuna Oil can be used to enhance your stick mix, spod mix or groundbait. Use approx 30ml of Tuna Oil per dry kilo. Ideal for coating pellets particularly in the summer to create a nice slick on the water to draw the fish into your swim.
  13. This oil based attractor is flavour matched to the Hookbait Pellets and Paste so can be added to pellets and groundbaits. Because of the oil base it is PVA Friendly and will extend the time a hard pellet hookbait can be left in the water, this is because it slows the water down from entering the pellet and dissolving it.
  14. It’s not often a completely new innovation appears in the bait world, but here’s yet another from Sonubaits! Clear Pellet Oil is an oil that sinks!
  15. This sticky additive creates a plume of flavour in an around your chosen bait, wafting carefully balanced scent and colour in the immediate surroundings.
  16. Sonubaits offer a selection of well known and established fish catching flavours ideal for flavouring maggots, boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and groundbait.

    With all these flavours in the range it gives the angler more choices whilst fishing.

    The flavours can be added hours before fishing at home or they can be added on the water side to add that bit of extra flavour to pull the fish back into your swim if all has gone quiet.

    As with all of our range not only do the fish love ‘em but they are totally fish and fishery friendly too so you can use them with confidence wherever you go.
  17. -20% Sticky Baits Fish Sauce Pellet Soak 500ml
    This totally natural liquid packs a hell of a punch and is made from fermented anchovy extract, salt and sugar, giving it a pungent, salty-sweet kick that fish seem to find difficult to resist.
  18. -20% Sticky Baits Liquid Liver (1 Litre) Sticky Baits Liquid Liver (1 Litre)
    Supplied in 1L jerry cans, this premium quality, pre-digested Liquid Liver is packed with amino acids, which provoke a strong and often instant feeding response from carp. The attractive qualities of this meaty liquid have been known for many years, but Sticky have managed to source a version that’s of the very highest grade. It makes a superb coating for boilies or pellets, which helps to ramp the attractiveness of even the most effective baits.
  19. -20% Sticky Baits Pure Salmon Oil 500ml
    This fresh Scottish salmon oil is a proven fish attractor, as well as an excellent energy source for carp. Our Pure Salmon Oil is a particularly rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids that carp require as a part of their diet. Its uses in carp fishing are many and varied, the two most effective applications for this liquid are coating hookbaits and coating freebies, be they boilies of floaters.
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