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Liquids and Glugs

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  1. -20% Bait-Tech Hemp Oil (500ml)
    Natural, organic, unrefined and packed with nutrients – Hemp oil with its high levels of Omega 6 is THE most attractive and enriching oil available. It boasts a complex but near perfect amino profile identifying the reason that fish are so attracted to it.
  2. -20% Bait-Tech Hot Chilli Oil (500ml)
    This oil is HOT! Natural and packed with nutrients this Hot Chilli Oil is stuffed with healthy Omegas and with an added kick to attract fish and enrich your baits.
  3. -20% Bait-Tech Krill & Tuna Oil (500ml)
    This Krill & Tuna combination is catching fish everywhere. This complex oil will add more flavour and attraction giving your bait even more boost. Strong Krill & Tuna elements give this oils its fishy pungency adding long range amino compounds to your swim. Attraction at its best to heighten the fishes sense – this is a kick of marine that no carp can resist.
  4. Bait-Tech’s range of liquids have long been winners, whether used as dips, glugs, in spod mixes, for soaking or in groundbait, these liquids provide something for everyone and are excellent fish attractors as they are packed with flavour.
  5. 100% natural ingredients infused with Bait-Tech's own spice blends and herb extracts make these oils the ones to be using.
    These 500ml Oils come in 4 flavours:
    Nutty Oil,
    Krill & Tuna Oil,
    Hemp Oil,
    Polony Oil,
    Super Fish Oil.
  6. -20% Bait-Tech Poloni Glug 250ml
    This thick delicious glug contains a unique 8 secret herbs and spice blend which means you can have complete confidence that this glug is stuffed with fish catching attractors!

    Poloni Glug will increase the pulling power of any hook bait, it’s also PVA friendly so its perfect for adding to solid PVA bags or PVA mesh stick mixes, the rich nutritional glug will leak off its super potent big fish catching attractors to help you put more carp on the bank.
  7. -20% Bait-Tech Polony Oil 500ml
    The attraction properties this oils holds is unrivaled. The natural herbs and spices that infuse this make it a must have addition for any serious angler. Made with Bait-Tech’s famous blend of 8 herbs and spices, this savoury-spiced liquid will excel in any situation. Complex amino and essence of Polony make this attraction at its best.
  8. -20% Bait-Tech Special 'G' Glug (250ml)
    For increased attraction and maximum reaction – this is Special G in a glug!
  9. Increase the attraction of any bait with this range of Stick Mix Liquids. They are PVA-Friendly and come in 4 flavours: Scopex, Berry, Pineapple & Krill.
  10. Bait-Tech’s CSL is a sweet, flavour-packed, vitamin-rich liquid that can be used in a multitude of ways. Its uses really are endless as it’s ideal for mixing groundbaits and method mixes, soaking particles or pellets, glugging and flavouring pellets and as a boilie dip making a sloppy flavour-packed spod mix, or even fed as a neat flavour in shallow water….plus endless other uses! Available in: Natural, Chilli, Krill & Tuna.
  11. -20% Bait-Tech 'The Juice' 250ml
    This Sweet Glug can be used anywhere and on anything.
  12. -20% CC Moore Talin (50ml)
    Talin is a completely natural sweetener, which is extracted from an African fruit. It provides a highly concentrated sweetness without any trace of bitter after-taste. This product also avoids an instant, sometimes overpowering rush of sweetness associated with artificial sweeteners, which we believe can make fish cautious and more likely to shy away from baits
  13. -20% CC Moore Booster Liquid 50ml - Odyssey XXX
    This highly concentrated liquid additive contains a carefully developed blend of attractants designed to intensify and boost the flavour and aroma of the superb Odyssey XXX White Pop Ups, other hookbaits and other baits from the Odyssey XXX Boilie Range.
  14. -20% CC Moore Chod Bitez Booster Liquid (50ml)
    Chod Bitez contain Betaine, N-Butyric Acid and a unique, tried and tested fruit flavour blend which incorporates a mixture of Geoff Kemp’s legendary fish-catching flavours. This deadly combination of ingredients ensures a potent stream of feed inducing attractors is released from Chod Bitez, creating an instant response from passing fish even when air and water temperatures plummet.
  15. Chod Bitez Pop-ups 14mm-15mm Hellraisers,
    Chod Bitez Booster liquid Hellraisers.
  16. Elite Range Acid Pear (Bright Orange) - Pop-ups 12mm &14mm, Booster Liquid,
    Elite Range Citrus Zest (Yellow) Pop-ups 12mm &14mm, Booster Liquid,
    Elite Range Dairy Supreme (Pink) - Pop-ups 12mm &14mm, Booster Liquid,
    Elite Range Golden Spice (Orange) - Pop-ups 12mm &14mm, Booster Liquid.
  17. -20% CC Moore Elite Range Booster Liquid - Acid Pear (50ml)
    This purpose-made liquid is a highly concentrated version of CC Moore's potently fruity Acid Pear flavour blend used in the production of the matching Elite Range Acid Pear Pop Ups and is designed for boosting their attraction still further.
  18. -20% CC Moore Elite Range Booster Liquid 50ml - Dairy Supreme
    This purpose-made liquid is a highly concentrated version of our potently sweet, creamy Dairy Supreme flavour blend used in the production of the matching Elite Range Dairy Supreme Pop Ups and is designed for boosting their attraction still further.
  19. -20% CC Moore Krill Amino Compound (500ml)
    As the name suggests this superb liquid bait additive is made from one of the most highly nutritious natural ‘super foods’ found on our planet – Krill. This phenomenally nutrient-rich crustacean supplies high levels of vital proteins, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants – even in its natural state, but has been dramatically enhanced during the production of this outstanding amino acid compound.
  20. -20% CC Moore Liquid Pre-Digested Fish (500ml)
    We had been keeping this one to ourselves for some time before its release, but this outstanding natural fish attractant is the liquid version of the extremely highly rated aqua feed and fish bait ingredient, Pre-Digested Fish Meal. Incredibly rich in essential amino acids and having a very high quality crude protein content, this pure soluble liquid is a truly phenomenal year-round liquid fish attractant.
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