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  1. -21% ATTs Crystal Underlit Wheel Alarm - Orange
  2. The new Clear Bodied ATTs underlit alarms simply look amazing in the dark!

    The new bodies mean that the LED that is positioned under the wheel now also lights up the whole of the clear body making them glow beautifully in the chosen colour. These alarms retain the same core features, functions, size and bullet proof reliability of the original ATTs and under illuminated versions of the ATT heads.

    Colour Options:
  3. The revolutionary ATTs IW (Illuminated Wheel) Alarm is the world's only silent alarm (no speaker). All audible indication comes from the ATTx V2 or V2 Deluxe Receiver which must also be purchased along with any ATTs Alarm.
  4. -20% ATTx V2 Deluxe Receiver
    This superb high specification receiver is bristling with new features and works with the ATTs alarms and V2 ATTx transmitters.
  5. The ATTx V2 Receiver is packed with features and fully compatible with all current and forthcoming ATT products.
  6. To commemorate this milestone, Delkim launches the 25th Anniversary Special Edition alarm the 25 Plus, based upon the existing Standard Plus. With a special edition silver metallic oval logo, silver dial stickers, silver protective hard case and silver box.
  7. The all new Delkim Rx-D Digita Receiver
  8. The Delkim Standard Plus has all the features and build quality of the flagship Tx-i Plus without the integral radio transmitter. It is the first choice bite alarm for many experienced anglers all over the world, where sensitivity, controllability, versatility and reliability are the main requirements.
  9. The new alarms include several exciting new features over their predecessors, alongside Dekim’s unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology the Txi-D’s features a brand new smaller, more compact design; new patented Digital Signal Processing; Beep Speed Control; a fully digital radio system. It also features a brand new patented IMU Security Movement Sensor – for enhanced security.
  10. -15% Duracell PP3 / MN1604 9v Battery (Delkim)
    Duracell Plus Power 9V batteries provide long lasting reliable power, Duralock Power Preserve technology keeps them charged for up to 5 years in storage.

    Fit Delkim Alarms and Receivers, recommended by Delkim.
  11. E.C.U. (Edward Custom Upgrades) MK1 Alarms, solid build, easy programming with carp angler friendly features
  12. The Mk1 Compacts is the brand name for a variety of alarm models designed manufactured by e.c.u. / scott edwards. 5 -10 years from now all alarms will still come under this one banner...mk1 compacts. and there is simply no intention to ever drop this name. all my alarms will only ever have one infamous name......
  13. Fox Micron MR+ Bite Alarms offer amazing value for money. The Fox Micron MR+ bite alarm and wireless receiver sets are available in 2 3 or 4-rod options.
  14. Following huge demand from anglers all across the globe Fox have now made their highly popular M and MX alarms available with built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology so that they work with a wireless receiver.
  15. Receiver
    Alarm Features
    • Built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology
    • 5mm blue, red, orange and green LED’s
  16. -20% Fox NTX Receiver
    The Fox NTX Receiver is packed full of features and offers outstanding performance and reliability. Signal range is one of the most important qualitie
  17. -24% Fox RX+ 2-Rod Presentation Set Fox RX+ 2-Rod Presentation Set
    Fox RX+ 2-Rod Presentation Set
  18. -21% Fox RX+ 4-Rod Presentation Set Fox RX+ 4-Rod Presentation Set
    Fox RX+ 4-Rod Presentation Set
  19. -16% Fox RX+ Bite Alarm Head Fox RX+ Bite Alarm Head
  20. New-37% JRC Alarm & Indicator Combo (JRC C4 Red / Green / Blue & Kurve Slim White Neon 3 Rod)
    Erics Angling Megadeal Alarm & Indicator Combo

    3 x JRC Radar C4 Alarms with Red, Green & Blue LED's
    1 x JRC Kurve Slim White Neon 3-rod Indicator set
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