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  1. The Atts Alarm is supplied with a black 2-magnet roller wheel as standard but you may want to match the colour of the roller wheel to your alarm LED or your hangers/swingers.
  2. With the 4-Magnet Wheel the Receiver beeps once per 0.5cm of line movement.Changing the Magnet Wheels couldn't be easier. Simply unscrew the current wheel and screw in a new one.
  3. New-20% ATTs Alarm Batteries
    Each pack of ATTs Alarm Batteries contains three GP476A batteries which are the recommended batteries for the ATTs Alarms.1 battery required per Alarm
  4. -21% ATTs Crystal Snag Back (Backplate) ATTs Crystal Snag Back (Backplate)
    These Crystal ATTs Snag Backs have been manufactured for use with the new Crystal ATTsi alarms, and feature extended ears to help keep the rod safely in place when fishing locked up near to snags or with tight clutches when you’re fishing amongst thick weed.
  5. -21% ATTs Crystal Underlit Wheel Alarm - Orange
  6. The new Clear Bodied ATTs underlit alarms simply look amazing in the dark!

    The new bodies mean that the LED that is positioned under the wheel now also lights up the whole of the clear body making them glow beautifully in the chosen colour. These alarms retain the same core features, functions, size and bullet proof reliability of the original ATTs and under illuminated versions of the ATT heads.

    Colour Options:
  7. The revolutionary ATTs IW (Illuminated Wheel) Alarm is the world's only silent alarm (no speaker). All audible indication comes from the ATTx V2 or V2 Deluxe Receiver which must also be purchased along with any ATTs Alarm.
  8. New-21% ATTs Spares/Accessories Pack
    The ATTs Spares/Accessories PackThe kit includes all the spare or replacement parts required to perform basic maintenance on your ATTs alarms
  9. New-21% ATTx Cube Receiver Case
    Keep your ATTx Receiver in mint condition whatever the weather throws at you with the ATTs Cube Receiver Case.
  10. New-21% ATTx Rubber Receiver Stand
    The ATTx Rubber Receiver Stand is a handy holder for the ATTx Receiver perfect fo ruse on a bivvy table or bucker lid. The ATTx Rubber Receiver Stand allows the receiver to be perched on any flat surface.
  11. -20% ATTx V2 Deluxe Receiver
    This superb high specification receiver is bristling with new features and works with the ATTs alarms and V2 ATTx transmitters.
  12. -21% ATTx V2 Leather Receiver Pouch
    The ATTx V2 Leather Receiver Pouch is a quality leather pouch for the ATTx Receiver.
  13. The ATTx V2 Receiver is packed with features and fully compatible with all current and forthcoming ATT products.
  14. -20% ATTx V2 Transmitter Batteries
    Each pack of ATTx V2 Transmitter Batteries contains three GP11A batteries which are the recommended batteries for the ATTx V2 Transmitters.

    1 battery required per Transmitter.
  15. Century Neville Snag Ears can be used with most bite alarms. Steve Neville himself designed the Century Neville Snag Ears and they are perfect for snag fishing or whenever there is an angle between your rod tip and hookbait.
  16. To commemorate this milestone, Delkim launches the 25th Anniversary Special Edition alarm the 25 Plus, based upon the existing Standard Plus. With a special edition silver metallic oval logo, silver dial stickers, silver protective hard case and silver box.
  17. The Delkim 'Black Box' is a new carry case specifically designed for the safe storage and transportation of Delkim products. It is ideal for those usi
  18. The Delkim D-Lok is a revolutionary new dedicated quick release system which fits any Delkim bite alarm and allows instant attachment to any rod pod b
  19. The all new Delkim Rx-D Digita Receiver
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