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Venture Carp

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  1. New-15% Venture Deep-Freeze XL Sleeping Bag
    We believe that the Venture Deep-Freeze XL Sleeping Bag is one of the warmest sleeping bags currently available. Using a Super-Grade silicone treated hollow fibre filling we have improved heat retention beyond what we thought was possible, whilst retaining breathability at the same time. The Venture Deep-Freeze XL Sleeping Bag is designed for use all year round it is simply a case of unzipping the inner bag as and when it gets too warm.

  2. Venture Fluorocarbon Mainline Another Fluorocarbon? THINK AGAIN.....Venture Fluorocarbon Mainline is an incredible 40% softer than any others
  3. New-17% Venture Razor-Duo 2 man Extension Venture Razor-Duo 2 man Extension
    Well a Venture first for the UK market, using the latest manufacturing techniques, we are able to allow you the user, for a small additional cost the chance to convert your standard 'Razor' Bivvy into a true 2 man! Simply remove the peak and front panel, fit the groundsheet extension and zip on the Venture 'Razor’ 2 man Extension; your Bivvy will now take two wide Bedchairs and everything needed for the longest sessions. Alternatively, leave the front on and for the person who takes everything, you have a vast porch area with enough room for all you boots, chairs, cooking kit and the kitchen sink!
  4. New-17% Venture Super-Flat Brolly Bed Venture Super-Flat Brolly Bed
    The Venture Super-Flat Brolly Bed is a stripped back version of the Deluxe models. It has 6 fully adjustable legs and deluxe swiveling mud feet along with some simple nifty little features that will suit the angler looking for a lightweight full sized bed, particularly when it is to be used in conjunction with a brolly.
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