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Venture Carp

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  1. New-15% Venture Deep-Freeze XL Sleeping Bag
    We believe that the Venture Deep-Freeze XL Sleeping Bag is one of the warmest sleeping bags currently available. Using a Super-Grade silicone treated hollow fibre filling we have improved heat retention beyond what we thought was possible, whilst retaining breathability at the same time. The Venture Deep-Freeze XL Sleeping Bag is designed for use all year round it is simply a case of unzipping the inner bag as and when it gets too warm.

  2. New Venture Duo Pillow
    The new Venture Duo Pillow features a luxurious double sided construction with polar fleece on one side and Peach Skin on the other. Filled with high density foam and super soft Hollofil, again one on each side, you will be ensured of a great nights sleep. Generously sized with out being too bulky, the pillow will easily pack away in your bedchair and when in use, the reversible retaining strap will keep your pillow exactly where you want it - on the bed.
  3. Venture Mag-Lock Storm poles fit any shelter with a storm pole attachment. Just screw the Mag-Lock attachment to your brolly and the storm pole will simply push on to it for a totally secure fixing. That means swift, easy set-up and pack-down without leaving dirty storm poles attached to your expensive shelter.
  4. New-17% Venture Razor-Duo 2 man Extension Venture Razor-Duo 2 man Extension
    Well a Venture first for the UK market, using the latest manufacturing techniques, we are able to allow you the user, for a small additional cost the chance to convert your standard 'Razor' Bivvy into a true 2 man! Simply remove the peak and front panel, fit the groundsheet extension and zip on the Venture 'Razor’ 2 man Extension; your Bivvy will now take two wide Bedchairs and everything needed for the longest sessions. Alternatively, leave the front on and for the person who takes everything, you have a vast porch area with enough room for all you boots, chairs, cooking kit and the kitchen sink!
  5. New-26% Venture Razor-Lite Brolly System Venture Razor-Lite Brolly System
    The all new Venture 'Razor-Lite' Brolly System offers a whole host of features to cover every angling situation. Made using our very own AirTex fabric incorporating a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm it’s breathable nature helps to reduce condensation build up, a common problem that has long been associated with brolly useage.
  6. New-17% Venture Super-Flat Brolly Bed Venture Super-Flat Brolly Bed
    The Venture Super-Flat Brolly Bed is a stripped back version of the Deluxe models. It has 6 fully adjustable legs and deluxe swiveling mud feet along with some simple nifty little features that will suit the angler looking for a lightweight full sized bed, particularly when it is to be used in conjunction with a brolly.
  7. New Venture Super-Flat Deluxe 6 Leg Bedchair Venture Super-Flat Deluxe 6 Leg Bedchair
    The Venture Super-Flat Deluxe is the second model in the Super-Flat range. Featuring 6 fully adjustable legs and deluxe swiveling mud feet, this bed will find favor with anglers looking for a standard size full specification bed at a great price.
  8. New-17% Venture Super-Flat Deluxe Wide Load 8 Leg Bedchair Venture Super-Flat Deluxe Wide Load 8 Leg Bedchair

    The Venture Super-Flat Deluxe Wide-Load is the biggest bed in the Super-Flat range. Featuring 8 fully adjustable legs and deluxe swiveling mud feet, this bed will find favor amongst a wide range of anglers.
  9. New-9% Venture Vari-Lite Chair Venture Vari-Lite Chair
    The Venture 'Vari-lite' Chair continues the multi-purpose theme with a versatile system that combines an ultra comfortable fishing/guest chair with a bed seat that is adjustable to span the widest of bedchairs.

    Featuring adjustable legs with large swiveling mud feat and a fully reclining back rest, the Venture ''Vari-lite ' Chair will adapt to all terrains and user preference; releasing the two cam locks and extending the unique rear section, the 'Vari-lite' chair quickly changes to a bed seat which eliminates the age old problem of back ache from sitting on a bedchair.

    The hardwearing 600D Oxford base is again married up with our luxury shower resistant brushed Peach Twill face to create a high quality item which will stay this way for years to come.

    Lightweight and compact, the Venture 'Vari-lite' Chair will prove popular with day anglers and long stay carpers alike - such versatility has never before been seen at this price point.
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