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Rig Marole

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  1. Rig Marole were fi rst to come up with the concept of this product for the use of attaching baits to D-Rigs, Chod Rigs and blow-back style rigs. The bore ring is designed to make fi shing easier by simply screwing your bait (8mm+) on down to the ring. The simple idea shown means you can change a bait without use of bait needles, stops, bait floss and rig rings. The Bore come in four types: standard 8mm, 18mm for double baits, 8 and 18mm flexi bore rings which gives extra movement with an extra ring attached.
  2. Another unique hooklink item that other brands have tried to mimic. It is a special formulation grade fluorocarbon that has a vast amount of applications from Hair to stiff rigs. It is available in 8, 10 and 15lb breaking strains for combi-style or standard rigs and 20 and 25lb which are more popular due to the amount of carp anglers using Chod and stiff rigs. CamH2o can be straightened by pulling tight and also shaped very easy with your fingers – there is no need to use steam!
  3. Available in size 12 and 9 (the 9’s fit lead clips) and work in conjunction with the Freefall Lead Clips
  4. Ideal for marker float work and for helicopter set-ups.
  5. A range of corkballs in sizes 8, 10 and 12mm for use in making pop-up baits.
  6. Quick change swivels, available in size 9 and 12.
  7. High Stretch, high abrasion resistant fluorocarbon leader material
  8. FLX is a fluorocarbon coated super monofilament designed to give the highest possible performance.

    Available in 10, 12 and 15lb, FLX offers a soft and supple fast sinking line that gives the best bite detection whilst remaining super hard wearing.
  9. Freefall Lead Clips are designed as an ejection system for use in areas of snags and weed. When the lead comes in contact with snags or weed, or even on a vicious bite, the clips and lead are discharged from the swivel. These clips have accounted for over 90% of the biggest fish in the UK!
  10. This EXTREMELY POPULAR super heavy micro braided tubing has proved to be a massive hit. The only braided rig tube on the market today, it looks and feels identical to braided leaders. The stainless steel inner core is highly polished so you can thread braid or mono through it in seconds . The two tone hi tech braided coating adds camouflage and offers the ultimate fish care while playing fish by minimising the chance of lifting scales. This has inner core diameter of 0.5mm.
  11. 5mm in size come in Black, Brown and Green finishes to help them blend in over any lakebed. Designed to fit our Freefall Tubing

    4mm in size and come with a clear finish, these can be used as a Chod or stop bead and are designed to fit our Freefall Micro Tubing.
  12. A soft tail rubber that is compatible with Rig Marole Freefall Lead Clips. Available in Black, Green, and Mud Brown in standard and Micro sizes.
  13. This was one of Rig Marole’s first ever products. A nice handy item that can be used by all anglers that use Hair stops. Simply slide a stop into your Hair and the sharp tip will neatly cut the stop off – it makes applying a new hookbait much faster and less hassle during the night or in cold weather.
  14. The Standard size works in conjunction with the Hair Stop Applicator.
  15. A long shank hook that was developed by Rig Marole for achieving maximum hook hold without being overly aggressive. Hunchbax are available in sizes 6, 8 and 10 in barbed and barbless and come PTFE coated to reduce the glare.
  16. Hydrolink Extreme has a super stiff 20lb fluorocarbon core with a DYNEEMA® braid over. It has been designed for Rig Marole’s equivalent of a Multi Rig, Chod Rig and a multitude of combi rigs. Hydrolink Extreme is available in 25lb breaking strain in Grey or Green.
  17. Probably the most unique braided hooklink on the market! When we invented the concept of braiding over a 10lb fluorocarbon line to be used for literally any rig combination available to date it put Rig Marole on the map! It is totally different to any other hooklink available although many have tried to copy it. Hydrolink features the Camh2o material inside, surrounded by a DYNEEMA® braid, making it easy to work with. It is available in 15 and 25lb.
  18. A scaled down version of Hydrolink, this has a fine inner so the material reacts like a mono/ semi-supple hooklink in water. This is again unique to Rig Marole. Hydrolink Micro is available in Grey and Black and comes in either 15 or 25lb breaking strain.
  19. This braided leader represents the very essence of "pinning it down".

    A true world first that has to be handled to be believed! Contains a micro brass chain, which is easily snapped off to allow splicing and is 100% lead free.
    5m per spool.
  20. The Multi Sleeve can be used in many applications in carp fishing: as a tail rubber and end bead for Chod Rigs; an in-line lead insert for running rigs or a tail rubber on a lead clip set-up. Available in Black, Brown and Green.
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