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  1. ESP 12 Bore Rig Tubing:- Green - Available in 2.5 metre lengths in 2.0mm diameter- Produced to the same technical specifications as E-S-P Sink and Anc
  2. ESP Adjustable Lead Clip Kits:- ESP Adjustable Lead Clip Kits can be finished unaltered to hold the lead securely in place or modified for quick easy
  3. ESP Adjustable Lead Clips:- ESP Adjustable Lead Clips are truly versatile and can be used with heavy leads and P.V.A Bags for distance casting without
  4. ESP Anchor Rig Tube:- Available in 1.25mm and 1.75mm diameter- 2 metre lengths- Combines the best properties of leadcore with those of anti-tangle tub
  5. ESP Big Eye Swivels are a standard size 9 with an enlarged ring eye at one end.The extra diameter of this Big Eye provides extra clearance smooth perf
  6. ESP Braid Scissors
  7. ESP Carp Controllers:- Available in 5g 10g & 15g- Special fluted shape provides extra stability both in flight and in water.- Bomb weight is aerodynam
  8. ESP Chod Rig Sleeves are the first of their kind on the market designed to be used in conjunction with the chod rig and serve two main purposes:- Typi
  9. ESP Clip Links feature:Quick and easy to attach and removeNon-reflective finishNickel plated for extra corrosion protectionNo rough edgesESP Clip Link
  10. ESP Cork Sticks - 6mm
  11. ESP Cryogen Classic Hooks
  12. New ESP Cryogen Curve Shanx Hooks
    This is the same classic curve pattern previously available under the ESP Raptor banner but this new range has been made even better by stepping up the wire gauge in each size and giving them the bullet proof Cryogen treatment. So these Curves are now around 25% stronger than their predecessors while still retaining long fine needle sharp points which are now extra durable.
  13. New ESP Cryogen Grip Rigger Hooks
    As the name suggests, this is an amalgam of the best features of the Cryogen Gripper and Stiff Rigger, which is almost unfair on the carp! The shape is that of the Stiff Rigger, with the fine curved 'sticky' point of the Gripper.
  14. ESP Cryogen Gripper Hooks
  15. ESP Cryogen Gripper Hooks
  16. New ESP Cryogen Para-Point Hooks
    This is the absolute ?enforcer? of the range. The medium length shank, with an almost crystal bend and inclined point make this an incredibly strong shape, further enhanced by the heavy forging and Cryogen tempering process.
  17. ESP Cryogen Stiff Rigger Hooks
  18. ESP Double Ring Swivels are designed for drop off inline lead set ups. One ring provides the all important flexible hinge for the hooklink while the o
  19. ESP Ejector Lead Clips:- ESP Ejector Lead Clips can be fixed securely to the swivel by means of the locking peg. This prevents them from riding up the
  20. ESP Flexi Anchor Tube:- ESP Flexi Anchor Tube is available in three camouflage colours: Olive Green Camo Brown and Choddy Silt to help disguise and co
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