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  1. New-53% Sonik XTI Bedchair Compact
    XTI Bedchair
    The range of new XTI Bedchairs have been specifically designed to offer maximum comfort, style and practicality.
  2. New-54% Sonik XTI Landing Net
    Sonik XTI Landing Net.
    The new XTI 42 net is available in two options one with a single 6 handle the other with a spiggoted handle.
  3. New-58% Sonik XTI Lounger Chair Hi Legs
    XTI Lounger Chair
    The new XTi Lounger chair is packed with a multitude of features that are designed to offer one thing angler comfort.
  4. New Sonik XTI Pillow Small
    XTI Pillow
    Comfortable pillows that will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, fish allowing!
  5. -47% Sonik XTI Trio 42" Landing Net Sonik XTI Trio 42" Landing Net
    The new XTI 42” net is now available with a spiggoted handle which allows it to be used at three different lengths – 3’, 6’ and 9’ to cover almost any angling situation.

    The slim yet stiff carbon fibre handles feature a 1K carbon weave whilst the unique ‘S’ design solid aluminium spreader block is functional and smart. The incredibly soft, olive green mesh is deep and has a separate fish friendly base piece for extra protection to the fish.
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