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  1. -63% The unique and innovative double barrel design allows baiting up to be done in half the time with half the effort
    The unique and innovative double barrel design allows baiting up to be done in half the time with half the effort

    Made from 100% carbon, wrapped and finished in an exquisite 3k weave.
  2. -44% Chub 3 Piece Cook Set Chub 3 Piece Cook Set
    Set contains 2,2L pot, 7,5" frying pan 1,4L kettle,towel
  3. -42% Chub All In One Cook Set Chub All In One Cook Set
    Chub's first complete cookware set contains all the equipment needed to cook on the bank.
    Set contains 2.2L pot, 1.2L pot, 7.5" fry pan, 0.9L kettle, towl
  4. -23% Chub Classic Kettle
    Made of hard anodised aluminum with Silicone wrapped handle
  5. -37% Chub Coffee Maker Chub Coffee Maker
    Enjoy filter coffee in the outdoors with this trendy coffee maker.
  6. -43% Chub Foldable Gas Stove
    This foldable stove is a great product in the Vantage cookware range. Very compact with power up to 3000W.
  7. -39% Chub NRG 2 Piece Cook Set
    This frying pan and saucepan set is created with energy gathering loop to impove heat efficiency by up to 50%.
    Set contains 1,7L pot, 7,5" fry pan
  8. -24% Chub Sandwich Maker / Toaster
    A popular cookware product that is a must have for many carp anglers. Primarily a sandwichmaker, this product is very versitile.
  9. -29% Chub Sat-A-Lite Flash Lantern
    A classic design Bivvy Lantern with an easy turn on torch option
  10. New-27% Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern
    Chub sat-a-lite LED Lantern Ltx 185 has a powerful maximum output of 185 lumens. Unlike standard lanterns, the LED is mounted on a swivel head. This allows you to swivel the LED through 180 for forward directional torch light but also just turning through 45 will allow you to side weight the light level. Used for illuminating your bivvy but also keeping light disturbance over the water to a minimum. A substantial battery life of 45hrs in low and 25hrs in high mode ensures you've got enough power for a number of sessions.
  11. New-38% Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-300 Lantern
    The Sat-A-Lite SL300 Lantern has a powerful output of 300 lumens that is perfect for providing ultra-bright all round illumination.
  12. -33% Chub Screw-On Gas Stove
    60 Degree taper design
    Annular ring of fire
    Concentrated fire zone up to 2600 W
    Safe to use
    Complete foldable
    Small size and easy to carry
  13. -51% Go-System Gas Canister Case Deal (12 Cans)
    12 x Can, threaded cartridge, premium mix butane, propane and iso-butane for use at low temperatures.
  14. New-58% Shimano Sport Camera CM-1000
    Everyone loves a gadget, and a bargain too for that matter.
    So we're absolutely delighted to be able to offer you both, in the form of the new Shimano (underwater) Sport Camera.
    As is usually the case in these scenarios it's a while stocks last kind of deal guys, so grab em' while you can.
  15. -34% Trakker Rotary Stove Trakker Rotary Stove
    The Rotary Stove is a quick to use, tried and tested design that’s stood the test of time.

    Only £19.99 whilst stocks last!
  16. -31% Trakker Tri-Lite Stove Trakker Tri-Lite Stove
    The Tri-Lite is incredibly lightweight but doesn’t compromise on stability or power. Ideal for someone wanting minimise the weight and bulk of their kit whist still demanding performance.

    Only £27.99 whilst stocks last!!
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