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  1. New-38% Chub Smart Box Complete
    Get organised and keep all necessary rig items and components stored safely and securely. Systematic design, carefully thought out to ensure the best use of space. Internal accessory boxes have a unique one touch system, making them easy to access. A cleverly designed hinge system allows the box lid to fold flat forming a tray for rig assembly. Also built into the lid are two rulers for precise rig assembly and a groove seal around its edge that is water resistant when shut. The box is safely and tightly sealed with two flush fitting 'sure-shut' clips
  2. New-38% Chub Vantage Day-Sack 2016 Model
    The Chub Daysack is a stylish, lightweight and compact rucksack with a 20ltr capacity. Due to the many special design features the Daysack is extremely versatile for use on or off the bank. Ideal for the roving or stalking angler who wants to travel light.
  3. -29% Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard
    Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat, made from extreme soft and durable material with a High density foam centre and a Raised outer filled with polystyrene beads. Folds together for easy carrying.
  4. The Chub Xtra Protection Cradles offer a unique design allows the cradle to fold away flat as well as offering the best fish care possible.
  5. -48% Chub X-Tra Protection Duo Mat
    RRP £69.99 Erics Price £36.99
  6. New-34% Fox CamoLite Rod Holdall 3 Up 2 Down 12ft
    Fox Camolite 3 Up 2 Down Rod Holdall

    All time low price of £99.99
  7. -28% Fox FX 13ft Single Jacket
    Designed to hold a single made up rod and reel with a host of features
  8. New-47% Fox FX 5-Rod Sleeve
    Fox FX 5 Rod Sleeve. 3 up 2 down.

    Only £74.99, Last few remaining.
  9. New-21% Fox FX Glug and Cooler Case
    The Fox FX Glug and Cooler Case is great for storing hookbaits and small amounts of other perishable baits. The Fox FX Glug and Cooler Case offers a p
  10. -10% Fox FX Medium Carryall
    Fox FX Medium Carryall
  11. New-22% Fox FX Quiver combo holdall
    Designed to work with all FX Rod Sleeves.
  12. New-22% Fox FX Rod Jacket - 10ft
    The Fox FX Rod Jacket has been designed to hold a single made up rod and reel with a host of features to give complete protection and yet allow easy a
  13. New-21% Fox FX Stiff Rig Wallet
    The Fox FX Stiff Rig Wallet features a high density foam rig board section to keep your rigs pinned under perfect tension and a separate ring binder s
  14. -35% Fox Voyager Barrow Bag Fox Voyager Barrow Bag
    The Fox Voyager Barrow Bag is designed to fit most barrows on the market maximising storage space both in your swim and in transit.

    RRP £129.99 Erics Price £84.99
  15. -32% Fox Voyager Large Carryall Fox Voyager Large Carryall
    The Fox Voyager Large Carryall is designed to house all of your essential tackle items such as tackle box, weighing scales, head torch, PVA, hookbaits, spare clothes, baiting tools etc

    RRP £79.99 Erics Price Only £54.99
  16. -20% Greys Prodigy Landing Net 42"
    The Greys prodigy 42” landing net has a slim and lightweight 6ft handle that is super stiff thanks to the high modulus carbon construction. It features full 3K woven carbon and our Carbon Armour™ blank finish. Stainless steel spreader block and arm ends are built to last and allow quick dis-assembly. The green woven net mesh is reinforced for extra durability and has a handy mesh retaining loop
  17. New-26% JRC High Care XL Mat
    The JRC High Care XL Mat is a new design to fully encapsulate very large fish.
  18. New-53% JRC Skyliner Carbon Throwing Stick
    Limitied Stock at these prices!
    Carbon throwing stick, ultra light!

    Now less than half price. RRP £49.99 Erics Price £23.99!!
  19. -40% JRC Stealth X-Lite Landing Net 42 inch
    An ultra slim and lightweight landing net with stunning cosmetics.
  20. New-41% Shimano Rod Quiver
    The Shimano Rod Quiver comes complete with three unpadded 12ft rod sleeves the external pockets are big enough to carry banksticks and an umbrella plu
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