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  1. New-21% Chub Outkast Flatbed 2016 Model
    The Outkast bed is equipped with a very comfortable fully padded mattress that features a super strong mesh central section. This section makes the bed lighter and the mattress more comfortable.
  2. New-7% JRC Contact Chair With Arms 2016 Model JRC Contact Chair With Arms 2016 Model
    Contact Chair with Armrests
  3. New-44% JRC Stealth X-Lite Bedchair
    The JRC Stealth X-Lite Bedchair Features: - - Extra light weight and compact stealth construction- Ultra strong but feather weight 6061 Aerospace grad
  4. New-21% JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair 2016 Model JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair 2016 Model
    Built with all the same features of our reclining chair, the X-Lite is a fixed back version of this ultra light-weight range. Weighing in at 3kg this chair can be carried anywhere and to any peg.
  5. New-21% JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner Chair 2016 Model JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner Chair 2016 Model
    The Stealth X-Lite recliner us built using 6061 Aerospace aluminium. This lightweight chair has all manner of applications, from a stalking, roving or session chair.
  6. New-14% Sonik SKS Pillow
    Aimed for use with the SKS Bedchair, the extra internal padding means that the SKS Pillow is the perfect choice when looking for a great value pillow. Complete with fleece lining, feel as relaxed and comfortable as you can be with help from the SKS Pillow.
  7. New-42% Sonik XTI Sleeping Bag All Season
    XTI All Season Sleeping Bag
    The new XTI Sleeping Bag is the only sleeping bag you will ever need as it is effectively four sleeping bags in one!
  8. -42% Trakker Oval Bed Cover Wide
    A tape-seamed, waterproof Aquatexx cover specifically designed for use with the Levelite Oval Bed System transforming the system from 3 to 5 season.
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