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  1. -29% Chub Sat-A-Lite Flash Lantern
    A classic design Bivvy Lantern with an easy turn on torch option
  2. -40% Chub Sat-A-Lite Headtorch Rechargeable 250 Chub Sat-A-Lite Headtorch Rechargeable 250
    A high performance headlight with multiple options and a new designed head strap for absolute comfort
  3. New-27% Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern
    Chub sat-a-lite LED Lantern Ltx 185 has a powerful maximum output of 185 lumens. Unlike standard lanterns, the LED is mounted on a swivel head. This allows you to swivel the LED through 180 for forward directional torch light but also just turning through 45 will allow you to side weight the light level. Used for illuminating your bivvy but also keeping light disturbance over the water to a minimum. A substantial battery life of 45hrs in low and 25hrs in high mode ensures you've got enough power for a number of sessions.
  4. New-50% Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-100 Headtorch
    The SL-100 has a very slim profile and features an adjustable flip up head fitted with dual light sources. These include a focused white LED long beam plus two soft night vision red LED's with a flashing mode facility for emergencies. Instant off switch for use at any mode and anadjustable single head strap. 3x AAA Duracell alkaline batteries included.
  5. New-38% Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-300 Lantern
    The Sat-A-Lite SL300 Lantern has a powerful output of 300 lumens that is perfect for providing ultra-bright all round illumination.
  6. New-38% Chub Smart Box Complete
    Get organised and keep all necessary rig items and components stored safely and securely. Systematic design, carefully thought out to ensure the best use of space. Internal accessory boxes have a unique one touch system, making them easy to access. A cleverly designed hinge system allows the box lid to fold flat forming a tray for rig assembly. Also built into the lid are two rulers for precise rig assembly and a groove seal around its edge that is water resistant when shut. The box is safely and tightly sealed with two flush fitting 'sure-shut' clips
  7. New-38% Chub Vantage Day-Sack 2016 Model
    The Chub Daysack is a stylish, lightweight and compact rucksack with a 20ltr capacity. Due to the many special design features the Daysack is extremely versatile for use on or off the bank. Ideal for the roving or stalking angler who wants to travel light.
  8. New-35% Chub Vantage Pop Up & Bait Bag 2016 Model
    The Pop-Up & Bait Bag is a small Coolstyle insulated bag that has enough capacity for a couple of kilos of bait in the lower section. The separate upper section, with full zip closure, stops the mixes drying out after preparation or for carrying prepared particles.
  9. New-32% JRC Skyliner Carbon Throwing Stick
    A premium throwing stick made out of high modulus carbon.
  10. The SK-TEK Airdry Bags are constructed from freezer proof rubberised mesh so you can freeze bait in-between sessions. They have a nifty, ‘hang anywhere’ clip to help you keep bait safe and dry. Built to last with large No.10 coil zips and reinforced webbing and carry handles. Available in three sizes, 3kg 5kg 10kg, all of which conveniently fit the SK-TEK cool bags as part of a modular system.
  11. -54% Sonik SKS Net Stink Sleeve Sonik SKS Net Stink Sleeve
    A waterproof landing net stink bag designed to be slightly bigger than usual at 1350mm long X 150mm wide – large enough to hold net & weigh sling.
  12. -56% Sonik SKS Scales Pouch
    Prevents damage during storage and transit, Extensively padded and designed to take all popular makes of weigh scales.
  13. New-20% Trakker Armolife CG-3 Stove
    Oversized pre-heat tube for ultra-efficient gas combustion. Piezo-electronic ignition system to base of stove. Wide frame and low centre of gravity for increased stability of cookware. Ultra-strong, easy to use and very quick to assemble.
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