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  1. New-34% Chub RS Plus Landing Net
    Chub RS-Plus Landing Net
    A strong and robust net designed to be used under the toughest conditions. The subtle black cosmetics perfectly match the RS+ carp rod range.
  2. -29% Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard
    Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat, made from extreme soft and durable material with a High density foam centre and a Raised outer filled with polystyrene beads. Folds together for easy carrying.
  3. -26% Chub X-Tra Protection Duo Mat
    Maximum fish care protection for stalking or static angling.
  4. -20% Greys Prodigy Landing Net 42"
    The Greys prodigy 42” landing net has a slim and lightweight 6ft handle that is super stiff thanks to the high modulus carbon construction. It features full 3K woven carbon and our Carbon Armour™ blank finish. Stainless steel spreader block and arm ends are built to last and allow quick dis-assembly. The green woven net mesh is reinforced for extra durability and has a handy mesh retaining loop
  5. New-35% JRC High Care XL Mat
    The JRC High Care XL Mat is a new design to fully encapsulate fish up to 60lb. The JRC High Care XL Mat is fully padded and fitted with mesh drainage
  6. -40% JRC Stealth X-Lite Landing Net 42 inch
    An ultra slim and lightweight landing net with stunning cosmetics.
  7. -20% Sonik SK-Tek Unhooking Cradle
    The SK-TEK cradle is a rugged no-no-sense piece of kit. The rigid walls and well padded removable base are all lined with fish friendly and heavy duty PVC material. The clever folding design means the cradle is compact to carry and quick to setup. The mesh base is quick draining and drying and the top flap Velcros in place to keep your catch calm and secure.
  8. Available in standard and large size, these are designed as dual purpose floating weight sling and short-term fish retainer. Full mesh sides and base are quick draining and sculpted to hold the fish centrally. The top and end panels are SK-TEK camo material to help keep the fish calm in the water.
  9. -54% Sonik SKS Net Stink Sleeve Sonik SKS Net Stink Sleeve
    A waterproof landing net stink bag designed to be slightly bigger than usual at 1350mm long X 150mm wide – large enough to hold net & weigh sling.
  10. -54% Sonik SKS Refresh Bucket
    Space saving water bucket that collapses to fold flat when empty and pops open in use
  11. New-32% Trakker EQ Landing Net - Green
    EQ stands for Equilibrium. The EQ Landing nets are engineered using carbon handles with machined stainless steel head blocks enabling the net frame to
  12. These new improved slings feature more width between the bars and a squarer base allowing easier fish release, double reinforced carry handles for safe lifting, four floats ensuring ultra-buoyancy and a new meshed pocket to house its 5m retaining cord.
  13. New-25% Wychwood Epic Fish Safe Mat
    The Wychwood Epic Safeguard Mat is the ultimate in protection for the largest of carp.
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