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Tripods/Weigh Staffs

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  1. New-23% Cygnet Easylift Weigh Staff
    Screw the weigh crook into the pole supplied to assemble the staff.
  2. New-17% Cygnet Euro Sniper Weigh Tripod
    The Cygnet Euro Sniper Weigh Tripod is the ultimate big fish tripod.
  3. New-18% Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod
    The Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod is perfect for UK and Continental applications. The pressed aluminium and moulded boss gives complete stability for acc
  4. -18% Daiwa Infinity Weigh Pod Daiwa Infinity Weigh Pod
    Designed to support you catch for easy accurate weighing
  5. Suited to anglers that are either weighing fish on their own, or needing to weigh very large carp and need that extra support and stability that a weighing tri-pod can offer.
  6. New JRC Cocoon 2G Weight Tripod JRC Cocoon 2G Weight Tripod
    A tripod is essential to accurately being able to record the weight of large fish, without the needle bouncing around wildly! It also reduces the amount of time the fish is required on the bank.
  7. New-33% JRC Weighing Tripod JRC Weighing Tripod
    Lifting a large carp and getting an accurate weight can be quite tricky especially if the fish is a bit lively. With the JRC Weighing Tripod this is a
  8. -10% Nash Weigh Tripod Nash Weigh Tripod
    Eliminates needle shake or bounce when weighing big fish.
    Rated to support a minimum of over 200 lb (approx. 90 kg)
  9. -8% Saber Weight Tripod Saber Weight Tripod
    Tough Sturdy Build
    2 Part Elasticated Metal Legs
    Fold Down Design
    Stands at 1.7m
    Complete With Protective Carry case
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