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Spod / Marker Rods

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  1. All Avid Carp Traction rods boast a new Reactive carbon fibre technology, wrapped in matt 3k weave, that enables us to offer a unique take on a traditional ‘parabolic’ action. This enables anglers to deliver a slower power build up for casting, offering distance gains with minimal effort.
  2. New-6% Century Marker Feature Finder Marker Rods
    The Century Marker & Feature Finder (MFF) rod is an important tool to discover the hidden topography of the lake bed: this is particularly true when scoping out new venues.
  3. New-6% Century Spodding Machine Spod Rods
    The Century Spodding Machine (SM) is a spod rod that hits the range you need when using a specialist Century rod like an FMA FS or SP+. Without the right tool you might well find yourself under casting to the range perimeter available on your main rigs.
  4. New-46% Chub Outkast 12ft 4.0lb Marker Rod (New 2015)
    Repsonsive tip with a powerful butt section to make feature finding at range both easier and more effective.
  5. New-46% Chub Outkast 12ft 5.0lb Spod Rod (New 2015)
    Chub Outkast Spod Rod.
    Progressive power action for accuracy at range.
    Designed to cope with the rigours of all modern day bait delivery.
  6. New-27% Daiwa Longbow DF Spod N Marker Rods
    The hybrid design of the Daiwa Longbow DF Spod N Marker Rods give up a small amount of test curve at 4.25lb allowing you to load smaller weights with
  7. New-20% Daiwa Longbow DF Spod Rods
    The Daiwa Longbow DF Spod Rods have been extensively tested by Danny Fairbrass and is certain to deliver.The powerful Daiwa Longbow DF Spod Rods will
  8. Powermesh carp rods have an excellent reputation for power and durability with plenty of fish playing action. These reinforced blanks will deliver superior casting performance with all models comfortable punching beyond 100yds. The shorter 9’ stalking model is ideal for close range action or for when landing fish from a boat may be called for.
  9. -24% Daiwa Whisker DF Spod & Marker Rod - 12ft 4.5lb Daiwa Whisker DF Spod & Marker Rod - 12ft 4.5lb
    Sharing in the design pedigree of Daiwa's Infinity DF and Longbow DF ranges this ‘UK made’ Whisker Spod & Marker will consistently deliver distance with accuracy.
  10. New-49% Daiwa Whisker DF Spod Rods Daiwa Whisker DF Spod Rods
    The Daiwa Whisker DF Spod Rods are a brand new addition to the Daiwa DF line up of carp rods.These are due in shortly to discuss pre-ordering these ro
  11. Although lightweight and well balanced the ESP Paragon Marker Plus Rod is exceptionally rigid and designed to magnify and transmit vibrations from the
  12. Designed to be balanced and comfortable for long periods of use during the spodding process this 12ft 4.5lb test curve rod can cast spods up to 6ozs e
  13. Thanks to advancements in carbon technology Fox have been able to replace our hugely popular Horizon range of rods with this new and improved Horizon X range. The Horizon X is a very comprehensive range with no less than 12 models featuring comprising three different handle options, lengths of 10, 12 and 13ft plus test curves ranging from as low as 2.25lb right up to 3.5lb so there really is something for everyone. All of the models in the range now feature a 2k diagonal carbon wrap on the butt and a 1k diagonal carbon wrap on the tip (as opposed to a 3k on butt and 2k on tip on original Horizon), which makes them not only much stronger but also greatly aids their performance too as the stronger butt section enables you ‘punch’ a lead much harder on the cast whilst the tip recovery is faster allowing those vital extra yards to be added! In addition due to advances in technology the blanks are lighter than previously, which again aids the performance across the whole range. You will also notice that the new Horizon X feature a few cosmetic changes to the old Horizons, which we feel gives them a more modern, understated feel. All models in the range now feature black fixing hoods on the Fuji 18mm reel seats and black Fox Slik Anti-Tangle Guides throughout. In terms of handle options you there are 3 models that feature an sexy, skinny Duplon handle and three models that feature a skinny cork handle too. We also have six models that come supplied with a standard abbreviated handle option.
  14. New Fox Horizon XT Carp Rods 2015 Model
    The original Horizon XT has built a formidable reputation over the past three years as one of the best distance casting rods ever produced in its price bracket. Due to developments in carbon technology we have been able to take the performance of XT’s to the ‘next level’ and taken the opportunity to make a few cosmetic tweaks at the same time.
  15. Fox's brand-new Torque range of carp rods are designed to bridge the gap between our entry level Warrior S and the top-end Horizon ranges. Thanks to advances in carbon technology we have been able to use a high quality carbon construction that has enabled us to produce a rod that is amongst the strongest and lightest ever made in this price bracket. Understated cosmetics give these rods that ‘custom built’ look and these combined with the incredible performance could make the end user easily believe they were using a rod of twice the price! There are five fishing rods in the range comprising of three abbreviated handle models plus two full, skinny Duplon models. In addition there is a 4.5lb Marker Rod and a 5.5lb Spod Rod both of which have abbreviated handles. All of the rods in the Torque range feature 18mm Fuji reel seats with black fixing hoods not to mention Fox's own black Slik guides.
  16. -25% Fox Warrior S Marker Rods
    The Fox Warrior S range is complemented with the matching Fox Warrior S Marker Rods which have been stepped up to make it more punchy with an increase
  17. -31% Fox Warrior S Spod Rods
    The Fox Warrior S range is complemented with the matching Fox Warrior S Spod Rods. The 12ft 5.5lb Fox Warrior S Spod Rods are capable of delivering lo
  18. New Greys GT Markers and Spods Greys GT Markers and Spods
    Greys GT Markers and Spods
  19. The Greys XLERATE Spod and Marker Hybrid rods are the finest application rods money can buy. Their unique action has been specifically developed with a stiff tip for sensitive feedback whilst feature finding. It then blends into progressive power release in the lower two thirds of the rod blank. This minimizes your effort for repeated casting and allows the rod to handle spods of all sizes without becoming overloaded. Both rods are easily capable of outranging your standard fishing rods whilst still being easy to compress with good overhead casting techniques.
  20. Torrix blanks are finished with a 1k plain weave on the butt section and unidirectional carbon on the tip. Matching Spod, Marker and landing net handle also available.
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