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Stalker & Floater Reels

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  1. Sustain has been a household name for years in the USA and with good reason - every model is a step into the future. This range is easily identified by its stylish black and chrome finish which incorporates top Shimano features including X-Ship, Aero Wrap and an AR-C line management spool. Available in three sizes from 2500 up to 5000, all models are perfect for general, lure, specialist, light saltwater spinning and match fishing at the highest levels. Both the 4000 and 5000 have a powerful 4.8:1 gear ratio which provides excellent torque for playing hard fighting fish in extreme situations.
  2. The extremely durable Hagane gear in the Stradic FK provides excellent efficiency and strength. The stiff hybrid XGT-7 and aluminum body create the perfect protection and support for the X-Ship system and shielded A-RB bearings to work to their maximum effect and efficiency. The waterproof front drag has fine, controlled adjustment and the Rigid Support Drag eliminates any deviation of the spool when set to minimum drag. The screw in handle minimizes the play and loss of energy, because it’s in direct contact with the gears. The Stradic FK has stepped away from its iconic white color and been reborn as a completely new reel, both technically and cosmetically.
  3. -37% Shimano Baitrunner X-Aero 2500FA Shimano Baitrunner X-Aero 2500FA
    The Baitrunner X Aero FA is one of the most advanced small reels available and combines the benefits and convenience of a traditional Mini Baitrunner reel, with additional casting performance delivered by the new Aero Concept spool design which is larger than previous spools.
  4. Exage is the top P4 rear drag model and exudes quality with a visually stunning metallic platinum and gold finish. Featuring 4 shielded ball bearings and a roller bearing, Exage utilises a multi-disk rear drag system for smooth progressive performance, and Fightin' Drag for precise adjustable control when playing fish. Featuring a Cold Forged Aluminium Spool with AR-C line management that's suitable for both mono and braid, and Varispeed line lay which prevents fine mono and braid bedding in under pressure, the Exage RC is available in both single and double handle versions in a range of small and mid sizes from 1000 to 4000. For match anglers there is also a high speed (6.2:1) 3000 shallow spool, double handle model that is perfect for float and feeder fishing.

    Available Options:
    Exage 4000 RC Double Handle
    Exage 3000 SRC Double Handle
    Exage 3000 SRC
    Exage 3000 Match High Speed RC
    Exage 4000 RC
    Exage 2500 RC Double Handle
    Exage 2500 RC
    Exage 1000 RC Double Handle
    Exage 1000 RC
  5. The highly anticipated Vanquish sets a new standard in the lightweight front drag spinning segment. With its extremely lightweight design which is build on the most high grade composites from Shimano, like the Shimano patented CI4+ material and magnesium alloy, the new Vanquish is even lighter than its famous predecessor. Not only the reel itself is lighter but when one picks up the reel to give the handle a swing one will really notice the major improvement of this new Vanquish. Because of a totally new design of the Magnumlite Rotor and related internal parts the reels run smoother than ever before. Build on the design capabilities of Shimano resulting in the Hagane body and the Hagane gear the angler can be confident to enjoy the outstanding performance of this reel for many years to come. Shimano offers the new Vanquish in many different models to satisfy the need of every avid angler out there. The Vanquish is developed with only one thing in mind; "Only the best is good enough!".
  6. The Biomaster FB is a classic front drag reel which has been hugely popular with general anglers throughout the UK. The X-ship gearing produces the efficient power required to play hard fighting fish effectively and enables a smaller sized reel to be used, even when fishing for large barbel, tench, carp or aggressive predators. The body of the Biomaster is made from top grade aluminium to keep weight to a minimum and the lightweight folding handle makes made-up transport easier. There is also a larger 6000 size which is ideal for specialist anglers who want even more power and casting performance. All models have seven S A-RB bearings plus a roller bearing to ensure smoothness to match the sophisticated looks of the classic Biomaster FB.
  7. New-34% Shimano Baitrunner DL 4000 FB Shimano Baitrunner DL 4000 FB
    We operate a price match policy, if you have seen this product any cheaper elsewhere give us a call and we will endeavour to beat that price!
  8. New-38% Shimano Baitrunner DL 2500 FB Shimano Baitrunner DL 2500 FB
    We operate a price match policy, if you have seen this product any cheaper elsewhere give us a call and we will endeavour to beat that price!
  9. -57% Nash Dwarf BP-4 Reel
    Big fish performance in miniature
  10. New Shimano Sustain C3000 HG FI Reel Shimano Sustain C3000 HG FI Reel
    The new Sustain is a all-round front drag spinning reel with some exiting new features.
  11. The latest Ninja match/feeder reels offer the same winding smoothness of their predecessors but now with the benefit of a new distance control line clip. In addition, the range has grown to offer a 2508 as well as a 3012 in single and double handle. The larger 4012 is in single handle only.
  12. New-34% Daiwa SS1600 Whisker Daiwa SS1600 Whisker
    The Daiwa SS1600 Whisker makes catching fish of all sizes a real pleasure. Few reels have earned such a solid reputation for performance and reliabilility.
  13. New-10% Nash BP-6 Fast Drag Reel Matte Black
    Nash BP-6 Fast Drag Reel
    The Nash BP-6 is the perfect blend of compact body with big spool casting performance.
  14. New-11% Nash BP-4 Fast Drag Big Pit Reel Matte Black
    Nash BP-4 Fast Drag Reel
    The Nash BP-4 Fast Drag offers big fish performance in miniature, perfect for lighter test curve Scope and Dwarf rods, including Sawn-Off and Dwarf six-footers.
  15. New-10% Daiwa Ninja 3000A Reel
    Quite simply the Ninja reels are staggeringly good. Their highly noticeable look is of course backed up with an array of features and typical Daiwa performance.
  16. New-10% Daiwa Ninja 4000A Reel
    Quite simply the Ninja reels are staggeringly good. Their highly noticeable look is of course backed up with an array of features and typical Daiwa performance.
  17. New Fox EOS 10000 Reel
    Fox EOS 10000 Reel

    These eye-catching new EOS reels have proved incredibly popular and indeed reliable since their launch earlier in 2013.
  18. New-21% Daiwa SS2600 Whisker Daiwa SS2600 Whisker
    The Daiwa SS2600 Whisker is perfect for a variety of fishing situations including targeting surface feeding carp stalking and all close to medium range work.
  19. New Shimano Sahara RD Reel Shimano Sahara RD Reel
    The Sahara RD is the mid-level rear drag model with a look and feel that underlines Shimano quality. With visually stunning metallic platinum and gold finish this reel is an eye-catcher in every anglers hands.
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