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Bait / Boat Rods

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  1. -41% Daiwa Black Widow Pike 12ft 3lb
    The medium to fast 3lb action of the Black Widow pike rod will let you launch baits accurately at distance but still deliver enough cushion for the lunges under the rod tip.
  2. -16% Daiwa Lexa Deadbait Rod 12ft 3lb Daiwa Lexa Deadbait Rod 12ft 3lb
    The 12’ 3lb ‘casting version’ will cover distance deadbait placement from the bank
  3. The E-Sox Pikeflex 10ft rod features an excellent carbon blank which is light and well balanced with a progressive power play action.
  4. With a 3lb+ test curve, the E-Sox Piker Bait Rod has the power to cast fairly large deadbaits as well as being able to pick up line and set hooks at long range.
  5. This rod has been designed with deadbait casting in mind. Using deadbaits in predator fishing is a highly effective tactic and one that is often used particularly on waters that ban the use of livebaits. However, it isnt without its struggles and one of the biggest problems you can encounter when deadbait fishing is being able to cast effectively and accurately, especially over long distances. This is why Fox Rage has designed this Predator Deadbait rod. It has been built with distance casting large deadbaits in mind and on the water it has proven itself to be capable of handling the biggest and most aggressive takes. The Fox Rage Preadator Deadbait offers a stiff action, which not only helps launch weighty deadbaits but aids with hooksets at long range too. The reel seat has been custom designed in order to ensure that it is perfectly suited to predator reels and the kind of intensive usage they undergo when handing hard fighting pike. The furnishings are finished with Foxs very own Slik guides, which e sure line safety throughout your cast and retrieve, and a high quality cork handle, for supreme grip in even the gnarliest of encounters.
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