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  1. The diverse mix of lure fishing methods is reflected in this line up of nine Ninja rods.

    For light lure and drop shot right through to launching heavy soft and hard baits for pike this range has got it covered.

    Available Options
    Ninja X Spin 7ft 1-9g
    Ninja X Spin 7ft 5-25g
    Ninja X Spin 8ft 10-40g
    Ninja X Spin 9ft 15-50g
  2. Without doubt one of the most popular lure fishing tactics being used today, there are very few anglers that haven’t given dropshotting a try! Our new range of Ultron 2 Dropshot rods take a high quality 40ton carbon blank and team this up with an incredibly sensitive tip, perfect for detecting the subtle bites often associated with dropshot fishing.

    Available Options:
    Ultron 2 Dropshot 210 - 5-21g
    Ultron 2 Dropshot 240 - 5-21g
    Ultron 2 Dropshot 240 - 7-28g
    Ultron 2 Dropshot 270 - 7-28g
  3. -7% Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk Rod 180cm / 5ft 10in 30-80g
    Jerkbait fishing requires a very special rod to present the lure correctly. Our Ultron 2 Jerk has the right level of stiffness to ensure that plenty of action can be imparted into the lure. Despite the increased stiffness of the blank, the Jerk still remains extremely lightweight and sensitive enough to detect bites easily.
  4. When pike are the target your tackle needs to be strong and up to the job. Our Ultron 2 Pike Spin rods are the ultimate all rounders when it comes to lure fishing for pike and are suited to a number of different lure fishing styles - from heavy shad fishing to casting large crankbaits.

    There are two rods available in the range, both of which feature a highly responsive, lightweight blank. If you’re looking to target pike with larger lures, then this is the rod for you!

    Available options:
    Ultron 2 Pike Spin 240cm - 30-100g
    Ultron 2 Pike Spin 270cm - 30-100g
  5. -6% Fox Rage Ultron 2 Street Rod - 245cm/8ft 5-15g
    With many anglers living busy lives, time on the bank can be hard to come by. It’s for this reason that street fishing has become hugely popular. A rucksack, rod and net is all that is needed to get out on the bank and it’s this ultra mobile style of fishing that has inspired our range of Ultron 2 Street Fishing rods.
  6. -6% Fox Rage Ultron 2 Ultralight Rod 230cm / 7ft 6in 1-8g
    If you’re an angler who enjoys fishing with ultra light lures, then this is going to be the rod to take a look at! Rated at 1-8g, our new Ultron 2 Super Finesse lure rod has been designed to be used with all kinds of ultra light lures including our Micro Fry and Tiddler Slow.
  7. The Ultron 2 Wobbler Spin is the perfect tool for all styles of lure fishing and really excels when presenting shads and crankbaits in the 15-30g ranges. This rod has been designed for targeting all predatory species with lures and can be used to great effect from both boat and bank.

    Available in:
    6’10” 10-35g,
    7’ 10” 10-35g
    8’ 10” 10-45g
  8. With the popularity of dropshot fishing increasing all over Europe, we felt the need to produce a great entry-level rod for anglers wanting to try this devastatingly effective tactic for the first time. The Warrior Dropshot features everything you’d expect from a Dropshot rod – a sensitive tip for detecting subtle bites and plenty of backbone for extracting your prize!
  9. • Represent exceptional value for money
    • Lightweight full carbon construction
    • Fox Slik guides
    • High grade cork handle
  10. -6% Fox Ultron 2 Big Lure Rod
    If you’re an angler who enjoys fishing the largest of lures for big predators, then you’ll love the new Ultron 2 ‘Big Lure’ rod! This superb casting rod has been designed for comfortably working large soft and hard baits all day long. It is more than capable of extracting the largest of predators and during testing it has proved more than a match for large catfish.
  11. A versatile range of rods that cover all types of conventional lure style fishing in both fresh and saltwater applications. The rods have an ultra-modern look and feel, utilising Toreon® material in all of the blanks. A perfect range for modern day lure anglers.

    Available Options:
    GR50 Lure 5ft 6in - 2-12g
    GR50 Lure 6ft 2in - 10-25g
    GR50 Lure 7ft 4in - 5-15g
    GR50 Lure 8ft - 10-30g
    GR50 Lure 9ft 2in - 10-30g
  12. Affordable high modulus carbon blanks with a fast tippy action, perfect for working a wide range of lures, whether in the sea or all freshwater venues. The traditional cork handles are finished with robust rubber cork grips and these rods are fitted with braid safe line guides throughout, including an underslung tip guide.

    Available Options:
    Greys Prowla GS2 Lure Rod - 6ft 3in (10-30g)
    Greys Prowla GS2 Lure Rod - 7ft (10-30g)
    Greys Prowla GS2 Lure Rod - 8ft (10-50g)
  13. Designed for the most thrilling modern tactics for catching predators. These rods will support the angler in every way and thanks to their 2- piece design they are easy to transport, without any sacrifice in their powerful actions. Powerful enough to cast very large jerk baits and with perfect dampening character to safely play and land all trophy species.

    Available Options:
    Prowla Jerkbait 2 6ft 6in upto 80g
    Prowla Jerkbait 2 6ft 6in upto 110g
  14. New Korum Speed Spin Rods Korum Speed Spin Rods
    A comprehensive selection of fast-action spinning rods with modern Japanese inspired looks and performance. The tip recovery is perfect for accurate casting and the powerful reserves provide a superb action. The components used on these rods have been chosen for their durability for a wide range of spin fishing applications.
  15. The Alivio DX Spinning Rod with its progressive XT-30 blank is faster and slimmer than ever. The rod is equipped with shimano hard lite guides which can be used with both mono and braided line. The rod is nicely finished with cork grips and strong cosmetics matching the Alivio reel. This wide range of rods can meet virtually all personal and local preferences
  16. A comprehensive range of lure rods with high end touches, including a blend of traditional and modern fittings, a Portuguese cork/EVA handle with anodised machine turned end and spacers caps and a carbon inlaid reel seat.

    Available Options:
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 180L
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 210M
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 210ML
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 240H
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 240M
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 240MH
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 240ML
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 270H
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 270M
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 270MH
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 270ML
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 270XH
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 300H
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 300M
    Speedmaster CX Spinning 300XH
  17. Zodias is built with the purpose to give you, the angler, a crisp and responsive rod that delivers incredible casting distance and accuracy.
    They have proven to be the most versatile series Shimano has ever created, as each model is proficient across a wide range of techniques. If you are looking for a rod that delivers exceptional casting distance and accuracy across multiple techniques, then Zodias is the rod series for you.
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