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Wire Trace | Leaders

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  1. E-Sox Lure Traces are ideal for plugs, lures and large jigs. This 30cm trace is constructed from 34lb (15.4kg) nylon coated E-Sox Super Trace Wire. It terminates at the upper end in a strong size 9 swivel and at the lure end in a secure easy to use snap link. Special crimps maintain the wires full breaking strain and these are covered with a streamlined sleeve to prevent tangles.
  2. All feature our Surefit snap links
    2 leaders per pack
    6 versions in multiple breaking strains
    1x19 strand leaders (30-40cm, 5-16kg)
  3. Fox Rage's new stinger range has something for all predator anglers. For the angler who targets pike, they offer stingers with both single and 2 x treble hooks. These are constructed from our superb kink resistant 49-Strand Wire. These are available in a number of breaking strains to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re after.
  4. All feature our Surefit snap links
    2 leaders per pack
    Fluorocarbon leaders (30-40 cm, 0,60 – 0,90 mm)
  5. Fox's new 49-Strand Steel Wire is virtually kink proof and will withstand catch after catch, whilst providing total protection when targeting all species with sharp teeth.

    Super supple 49-strand wire
    Kink resistant
    Can be crimped
    Available in 12kg(26lb) and 18kg(40lb)
  6. For the angler that wants to start fishing straight away Fox Rage offer a new range of leaders from light lure fishing up to bigger baits for large predators.
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