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Wire Trace | Leaders

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  1. By using an assist-hook on the back of a soft plastic lure you can certainly increase your hook up rate! Especially when fish are biting cautiously you can successfully convert those soft taps, which would less likely with a single hook. Made of premium and very flexible 7x7 steel wire.
  2. The Prorex 7x7 steel wires are equipped with premium and very strong Prorex snaps and swivels, offering the highest quality. The brown camouflage colour reduces reflections under water thus enhancing the wires low visibility.
  3. Strong and abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon leader. Equipped with extra strong Prorex swivels and snaps, this leader is highly recommended for the use in clear waters when you are fishing with large lures. The high linear strength easily withstands the bite of a pike.
  4. Titanium leader material is highly resistant to kinking. Thus it is distinctly more durable than usual 1x7 or 7x7 steel wires. Additionally titanium leaders are prone to far less tangles during the cast and ‘active’ retrieving! Equipped with extremely strong Prorex swivels and snaps. Ideal for twitching and jerkbaiting with plugs! Also available in 3m spools.
  5. The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire. Supplied on a 15m spool.
    Sizes available:
    12lb (5.44kg) 0.22mm
    15lb (6.80kg) 0.25mm
    20lb (9.1kg) 0.28mm
    24lb (10.9kg) 0.31mm
    28lb (12.7kg) 0.35mm
  6. E-Sox Dropshot Fluorocarbon makes an ideal leader material. It is supple enough to ensure a lure behaves naturally, yet stiff enough to avoid tangles.

    Four breaking strains are available, each on handy 50m spools:
    6lb (2.7kg) - 0.24mm
    8lb (3.6kg) - 0.26mm
    10lb (4.5kg) - 0.29mm
    12lb (5.5kg) - 0.31mm
  7. E-Sox Lure Traces are ideal for plugs, lures and large jigs. This 30cm trace is constructed from 34lb (15.4kg) nylon coated E-Sox Super Trace Wire. It terminates at the upper end in a strong size 9 swivel and at the lure end in a secure easy to use snap link. Special crimps maintain the wires full breaking strain and these are covered with a streamlined sleeve to prevent tangles.
  8. Each trace has been perfectly constructed by hand in our own factories and feature 7 Strand Pike Wire and Slim Crimps for secure connection to a size 11 swivel and an easy-to-use swivel snap link at the other.
  9. E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire consists of our stainless steel Super 7 wire with a translucent brown nylon coating. The core is woven from seven strands of ultra fine, stainless steel filaments with improved strength. It is then coated with a tough nylon polymer to increase durability and kink resistance. Supplied on a 15m spool.
    Sizes available:
    24lb (10.9kg) 0.36mm
    28lb (12.7kg) 0.38mm
    34lb (15.4kg) 0.41mm
    40lb (18.2kg) 0.45mm
  10. All feature our Surefit snap links
    2 leaders per pack
    6 versions in multiple breaking strains
    1x19 strand leaders (30-40cm, 5-16kg)
  11. Fox Rage's new stinger range has something for all predator anglers. For the angler who targets pike, they offer stingers with both single and 2 x treble hooks. These are constructed from our superb kink resistant 49-Strand Wire. These are available in a number of breaking strains to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re after.
  12. All feature our Surefit snap links
    2 leaders per pack
    Fluorocarbon leaders (30-40 cm, 0,60 – 0,90 mm)
  13. For the angler that wants to start fishing straight away Fox Rage offer a new range of leaders from light lure fishing up to bigger baits for large predators.
  14. New Leeda Pike Trace Semi-Barbed
    Made from 7 x7 strand wire, Semi barbed super sharp treble hooks
  15. New-25% Leeda Spinning Trace - 35cm 30lb x 2
    Made from 30lb 1 x 7 strand wire trace
    2 traces per pack
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