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  1. These Crimping Pliers are the same used for all hand-made Fox Rage rigs. High Quality Carbon Steel, silver finish, with ergonomic shaped hard plastic powergrip
  2. High quality forceps with soft-touch handles
  3. A fish needs to be unhooked as carefully and as quickly as possible and this is easy when using the right unhooking pliers. Fox Rage Long Nose Pliers have a special ‘Power Claw’ profile to unhook fine wire hooks as well as big trebles.
  4. The Fox Rage Pistol Pliers are durable and tough with superb unhooking power.
    Available in 2 sizes: 20cm and 30cm
  5. The Fox RAGE gloves give a totally secure hold so fish are released when you want, not when they want!
    Available in four sizes. Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large
  6. A pair of scissors and pliers combined. With this tool you can cut, without any problem, thin lines and also loose ends of nylon, hard mono, fluorocarbon, steel wire. Even titanium leaders can be cut and adjusted with these cutters.
  7. High Quality CRV Steel, silver finish, with ergonomic shaped hard plastic powergrip handle
  8. These are the original split ring pliers from the leading hard lure producers. Thousands and thousands of split rings are removed from hard lures and treble hook eyes with these quickly, safely and without damaging the rings.
  9. For those anglers that prefer to twist their wire traces instead of crimping, the 'Pike Pro' twiddlin stick has been designed for maximum speed and accuracy.
Set Descending Direction