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Ready Tied Rigs

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  1. By using an assist-hook on the back of a soft plastic lure you can certainly increase your hook up rate! Especially when fish are biting cautiously you can successfully convert those soft taps, which would less likely with a single hook. Made of premium and very flexible 7x7 steel wire.
  2. This double hook system is ideal to rig big soft plastic lures in combination with the Prorex Screw-In system. The Assist-hook system #1/0 is perfectly made for lures of 18cm-25cm. Size 2/0 is designed for lures of 23cm-30cm. The premium 50lbs steel wire withstands numerous attacks.
  3. These pre tied Drop Shot rigs offer an excellent and convenient option, featuring Daiwa’s unique SaqSas hooks.
  4. This Tournament series of jig heads use the unique Daiwa SaqSas jig hooks. The Saqsas coating technology results in hooks that are extremely sharp offering improved point penetration.
  5. E-Sox Bait Traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presentations. Each trace is 46cm (18in) long and made from strong and reliable nylon-coated 34lb (15kg) Super Trace wire with Extra Strong Trebles.

    Bait Traces are available in sizes 4, 6 and 8 and in a choice of Barbed or Semi Barbed.
  6. E-Sox Snap Tackle wire traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presentations. They incorporate strong treble hooks in sizes 6, 8 and 10 and in a choice of Barbed or Semi Barbed varieties. Each E-Sox Snap Tackle trace is 40cm long and made from reliable 24lb stainless steel 7 Strand wire with slim crimps securely attaching the treble hooks.
  7. With an easy-to-use swivel snap link, this trace is ideal for spinners, small spoons and also for smailer plugs and jigs. Produced in 28lb (12.7kg) nylon coated E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire, the crimp to swivel joints are streamlined with tapered sleeves to improve durability and reduce the incidence of tangles.
  8. Fox Rage's new stinger range has something for all predator anglers. For the angler who targets pike, they offer stingers with both single and 2 x treble hooks. These are constructed from our superb kink resistant 49-Strand Wire. These are available in a number of breaking strains to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re after.
  9. These beautifully designed kits really do make drop shot fishing easier than ever before! Supplied with three ready-tied drop shot rigs incorporating a brass weight and drop shot hook already attached, the kits also come supplied with a selection of four soft lures that are perfect for helping you catch your first drop shot predator!
    Available options:
    1.2m x 0.25mm (3.66kg/8lb) 5g weight and size 4 hook
    1.2m x 0.28mm (4.54kg/10lb) 7g weight and size 2 hook
  10. Perfect for anglers new to the world of Drop Shot fishing these ready-tied rigs make this highly-effective method all the more accessible. Available Options:
    1.2m x 0.25mm (3.66kg/8lb) 5g weight and size 4 hook
    1.2m x 0.25mm (3.66kg/8lb) 7g weight and size 4 hook
    1.2m x 0.28mm (4.54kg/10lb) 5g weight and size 2 hook
    1.2m x 0.28mm (4.54kg/10lb) 7g weight and size 2 hook
  11. Fox Rage Predator float trace features a single Powerpoint Treble hook and has been designed for using smaller baits under a float. The single hook allows for much easier unhooking.
  12. When paternosting an uptrace is an essential piece of kit to prevent predators from biting through your mainline. Fox Rage Heli Rotary Trace has been designed to prevent just that and has been constructed out of our 49-Strand Steel Wire to ensure that it can be used time and time again without kinking.
  13. Fox Rage Twin Treble Trace has been designed to fish both dead and livebaits. It has been constructed using our 49-strand steel wire and Powerpoint treble hooks.
    Available in size 4, 6 and 8.
    Barbed & Barbless.
  14. A ready to go Pike float and trace kit.
  15. Made from 7 x7 strand wire, Semi barbed super sharp treble hooks
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