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  1. Extreme fine wire
    Super sharp and very strong
    PTFE coated
    Sizes available: 1-10
  2. Perfectly round Jig heads, ideal for casting, jigging and vertical fishing. With the exception of the Micro Jig for ultra light fishing with mini shads all jig heads are fitted with special fixed SS-clips, which can be inserted into the shad for fixing it faultlessly!
  3. The slight curve and hook point in line with the eye make the Powerpoint Drop Shot Hook the ideal pattern for many rubber bait experts. Thanks to the special shape of the hook bend all types of soft baits and natural baits such as worms, maggots or fish, can be presented perfectly. Due to the alignment of the needle-sharp point and the eye the hook finds a solid hold very quickly and fish losses are reduced to a minimum!
  4. Similar to the treble hook, this hook from the Powerpoint family combines all of the advantages of a perfect lure fishing hook offering: stability, stiffness, sharpness, low weight and it’s designed to give the perfect hook hold! When fishing soft baits with drop shot, Texas or Carolina Rigs or Soft Jerking it is very important that the Offset Hook is perfectly hidden in the rubber bait to give a natural presentation and thanks to the additional barb before the eye the Offset Hook grips perfectly and will not move during casting. However, the needle-sharp point of the Powerpoint Offset easily finds a hold in the mouth as soon as it encounters resistance!
  5. These trebles are not only sticky sharp, but they also have the strength to go with it! If you require a heavy-duty treble for your predator fishing that isn’t going to let you down, then this really is the one!

    Barbed sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8
    Barbless sizes 4, 6 and 8
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