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  1. Premium, thick-walled and at the same time soft crimps for rigging wire leaders, hard-mono leaders etc. Due to the soft brass material the leader material is undamaged when crimped. The double crimps are especially suitable for the rigging of thick steel wires and for hard-mono or Fluorocarbon leaders. Colour: Matt black
  2. Classical drop shot lead with cylindrical shape. This shape enables long casting distances and offers optimal protection against tangling. The distance to the lure can be adjusted quickly and easily via the compressed eye.
  3. With this screw-in system you can rig your soft plastic lures in the way, which is perfectly fitting for fishing in shallow waters. First fix the screw at the head of the soft plastic lure and then mount a double treble system at the screw via a split ring. The hooks can be stuck into the belly of the soft plastic lure. Like this you get a system which can be presented slowly just below the surface. To change the sinking behaviour, the Prorex Screw-In Weight Balancer can be screwed into the belly of the soft plastic lure. Ideal after the spawning season, when pike remain in shallow water areas!
  4. Screw-in lead which can simply be screwed into the belly/head of a soft plastic lure. Depending on position and weight the lure changes its balance and diving depth. Ideal in combination with the Prorex Screw-In system.
  5. The Prorex Snaps are made of extra thick, strong Stainless Steel and feature an extraordinary high linear strength. These snaps don’t bend even under high pressure and offer optimum safety. Due to the dull black surface reflection is reduced. Available in 4 sizes. Colour: Matt black
  6. Premium quality and reliable split ring made of stainless steel with high breaking strength. Made in Japan!
  7. This specially selected range of accessories from our Japanese product range quite simply offer you an unbeatable level of quality, design and performance
  8. E-Sox Crimp Sleeves are hardwearing yet flexible and designed to cover the eyes of hooks, swivels and crimps to create a streamlined and neat setup.

    These tapered sleeves are available in translucent Camo Brown for a discrete setup or a more distinctive Blood Red to create extra visual attraction.
  9. E-Sox Dropshot Bomb Weights feature a specially designed bulbous base to enable them to pivot while still holding bottom. This allows you to impart even more subtle and lifelike movements into a Dropshot Lure without actually moving the bomb.

    Available Options:
    4g – 5 weights per packet
    8g – 4 weights per packet
    12g – 3 weights per packet
    16g – 3 weights per packet
    20g – 3 weights per packet
  10. E-Sox Dropshot Fluorocarbon makes an ideal leader material. It is supple enough to ensure a lure behaves naturally, yet stiff enough to avoid tangles.

    Four breaking strains are available, each on handy 50m spools:
    6lb (2.7kg) - 0.24mm
    8lb (3.6kg) - 0.26mm
    10lb (4.5kg) - 0.29mm
    12lb (5.5kg) - 0.31mm
  11. Slim Crimps are the strongest most reliable method of pike rig construction.
  12. Perfect weights for Dropshot fishing.

    Available in: 5g (x4), 7g (x4), 10g (x3) & 12g (x3)
  13. In addition to weights for Texas and Carolina Rigs Fox Rage also offer the glass beads. These glass beads are manufactured solely for fishing and are not from a jewellery store!
  14. Perfectly round Jig heads, ideal for casting, jigging and vertical fishing. With the exception of the Micro Jig for ultra light fishing with mini shads all jig heads are fitted with special fixed SS-clips, which can be inserted into the shad for fixing it faultlessly!
  15. These brightly coloured soft plastic fins have two main functions. They are a great way of enhancing baits to make them more visually attractive to predators and also very useful for securing baits in position on the trebles.
  16. Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits. These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing over weed. Their bright red colour provides an added attraction, provoking predators into attacking.
    Available in: Medium, Large, & X Large
  17. Fox Rage Predator crimps have been specifically designed to be used with our new 49-Strand Steel Wire. When used with Fox's crimping tool they provide a very secure connection that won’t let you down.
  18. Injecting deadbaits with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the bottom, above weed and debris. Dead coarse fish are best for this purpose. Baits can also be made more attractive to predators by adding oils and flavourings using the larger needle included.
  19. Designed to give superior grip on braided and mono lines as a result of the increased surface contact area. An essential piece of kit for anglers who float fish for predators. They are available in both black or red.
  20. Designed to accept Fox size 7 swivel, these profiled beads create the perfect stop for our run rings on resistance free rigs as well as protecting the knot during casting.
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