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  1. By using an assist-hook on the back of a soft plastic lure you can certainly increase your hook up rate! Especially when fish are biting cautiously you can successfully convert those soft taps, which would less likely with a single hook. Made of premium and very flexible 7x7 steel wire.
  2. The Prorex 7x7 steel wires are equipped with premium and very strong Prorex snaps and swivels, offering the highest quality. The brown camouflage colour reduces reflections under water thus enhancing the wires low visibility.
  3. Premium crimping pliers with two sections for differently sized crimps. The five pressure points at the jaws guarantee an optimal crimping and prevent damaging of the steel wire at the crimp edge. The end of both handles are marked with luminous material to assist visibility in the dark.
  4. Premium, thick-walled and at the same time soft crimps for rigging wire leaders, hard-mono leaders etc. Due to the soft brass material the leader material is undamaged when crimped. The double crimps are especially suitable for the rigging of thick steel wires and for hard-mono or Fluorocarbon leaders. Colour: Matt black
  5. Classical drop shot lead with cylindrical shape. This shape enables long casting distances and offers optimal protection against tangling. The distance to the lure can be adjusted quickly and easily via the compressed eye.
  6. Strong and abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon leader. Equipped with extra strong Prorex swivels and snaps, this leader is highly recommended for the use in clear waters when you are fishing with large lures. The high linear strength easily withstands the bite of a pike.
  7. These Premium unhooking pliers feature a fixing mechanism that allows you to lock onto deeply swallowed hooks. This allows you to concentrate on releasing the hooks gently.
  8. Extra long and very durable disgorger pliers made of stainless steel. Ideal to retrieve deeply swallowed lures and hooks. The Teflon coating reduces the danger of corrosion. Equipped with ergonomic, anti-slip handles.
  9. This double hook system is ideal to rig big soft plastic lures in combination with the Prorex Screw-In system. The Assist-hook system #1/0 is perfectly made for lures of 18cm-25cm. Size 2/0 is designed for lures of 23cm-30cm. The premium 50lbs steel wire withstands numerous attacks.
  10. With this screw-in system you can rig your soft plastic lures in the way, which is perfectly fitting for fishing in shallow waters. First fix the screw at the head of the soft plastic lure and then mount a double treble system at the screw via a split ring. The hooks can be stuck into the belly of the soft plastic lure. Like this you get a system which can be presented slowly just below the surface. To change the sinking behaviour, the Prorex Screw-In Weight Balancer can be screwed into the belly of the soft plastic lure. Ideal after the spawning season, when pike remain in shallow water areas!
  11. Screw-in lead which can simply be screwed into the belly/head of a soft plastic lure. Depending on position and weight the lure changes its balance and diving depth. Ideal in combination with the Prorex Screw-In system.
  12. Premium, small cutters for steel wires and thick mono lines. The Teflon coating reduces the danger of corrosion. The end of both handles is marked with luminous material to assist visibility in the dark.
  13. The Prorex Snaps are made of extra thick, strong Stainless Steel and feature an extraordinary high linear strength. These snaps don’t bend even under high pressure and offer optimum safety. Due to the dull black surface reflection is reduced. Available in 4 sizes. Colour: Matt black
  14. The Prorex multifunction pliers are ideal for opening split rings of 5mm to 12mm. Additionally they offer the possibility to cut steel and mono via the cutting edge. Also ideal for making steel wire leaders. The jaws are equipped with extra pressure points like conventional crimping pliers. The Teflon coating reduces the danger of corrosion. Equipped with ergonomic, anti-slip handles.
  15. Titanium leader material is highly resistant to kinking. Thus it is distinctly more durable than usual 1x7 or 7x7 steel wires. Additionally titanium leaders are prone to far less tangles during the cast and ‘active’ retrieving! Equipped with extremely strong Prorex swivels and snaps. Ideal for twitching and jerkbaiting with plugs! Also available in 3m spools.
  16. New Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool
    Simple but brilliant the Sokkou Knot Tool is designed to make knotting a mono leader to braid easier and perfect every time.

    With the lines in parallel all it takes is a couple twists around the barrel, a pick up with the retractable hook and pull through... done!
  17. New Daiwa Tournament Drop Shot Rigs Daiwa Tournament Drop Shot Rigs
    These pre tied Drop Shot rigs offer an excellent and convenient option, featuring Daiwa’s unique SaqSas hooks.
  18. New Daiwa Tournament Saqsas Jig Heads Daiwa Tournament Saqsas Jig Heads
    This Tournament series of jig heads use the unique Daiwa SaqSas jig hooks. The Saqsas coating technology results in hooks that are extremely sharp offering improved point penetration.
  19. The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire. Supplied on a 15m spool.
    Sizes available:
    12lb (5.44kg) 0.22mm
    15lb (6.80kg) 0.25mm
    20lb (9.1kg) 0.28mm
    24lb (10.9kg) 0.31mm
    28lb (12.7kg) 0.35mm
  20. E-Sox Crimp Sleeves are hardwearing yet flexible and designed to cover the eyes of hooks, swivels and crimps to create a streamlined and neat setup.

    These tapered sleeves are available in translucent Camo Brown for a discrete setup or a more distinctive Blood Red to create extra visual attraction.
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