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  1. Storing traces can be a nightmare at times, but the Fox Rage Rig Bin makes it easy to store lots of pre-prepared traces without the chances of them tangling.
  2. A winning concept in organisation and storage these boxes are made of durable plastic and have adjustable individual compartments, ‘grey-transparent’ colour with UV-filter (which prevents bleaching of the baits).
    Available in Small / Medium / Large. Shallow / deep. 8 / 12 / 16 Compartment Options
  3. -49% Greys Prowla Leader Wallet
    This handy leader wallet is ideal for storing and transporting all kinds of leaders for predator fishing.
  4. -44% Greys Prowla Stinger Case
    Makes storage problems with stingers a thing of the past. A large number of stingers can be loaded into this case, even when using very large 3/0 trebles.
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