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Lines & Braids

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  1. 12 Braid is the next chapter in the evolution of fishing line.

    12 strands of PE filament are tightly intertwined to create UVF; Ultra Volume Fibre. This is further enhanced with the addition of EVO Silicone coating.
  2. E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line is tough and durable with reliably high knot strength. It is ideal for lure fishing, deadbaiting and all predator fishing applications.

    125m Spools: 35lb (15.9kg) 45lb (20.4kg) 60lb (27.2kg) 75lb (34.0kg)
    250m Spools: 45lb (20.4kg) 60lb (27.2kg)
  3. • 100% Fluorocarbon
    • Soft and supple hooklink material
    • Ultra low visability
    • Trans khaki colour
    • High knot strength
  4. As the name says – smooth as silk! Fox Rage's new Jig Silk is not just another braided mainline but an extremely smooth, soft and round 8-fibre PE braid with a very high knot strength!
  5. This is not a conventional braided line but a technical product that has been purposely designed and manufactured for vertical and finesse applications. The material is fused to make it waterproof and windproof, with only one goal in mind, to make it perform better in trying conditions such as strong flows and heavy winds.
  6. • Performance braid
    • Fluoro yellow
    • No stretch
    • High knot strength
    • Available in 150m and 1500m lengths
  7. Original PowerPro braided line casts further, has almost zero stretch, and amazing strength.
  8. Simply put, PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge. We begin with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, then use Enhanced Body Technology to create an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line.

    Power Pro set the bar for braided line and now with 8 premium options to choose from there is a PowerPro to cover any technique and fit any fishing situation.

    Original PowerPro braided line casts further, has almost zero stretch, and amazing strength.
    With a wide range of colors and available in diameter 0.06mm-0.76mm and breaking strenght 3kg-95kg there is a PowerPro braid for any situation.
  9. Super 8 slick is a super-soft 8 carrier braided line, 8-braid construction results in an exceptionally smooth, ultra-round braided mainline that feels as smooth as monofilament line, Smoothness enables the angler to cast greater distances, Excellent strength/diameter ratio
  10. Advanced 8 carrier Japanese PE braid, manufactured with S-EBT (Shimano Enhanced Body Technology), which increases sensitivity and amplifies the most delicate of bites. Produces tighter, smoother and rounder line for longer casts. Selecting newer and softer PE material (polyethylene) gives a supple feeling that the pro demands. Available in 2 colours: High visibility Mantis Green and low visibility Steel Grey. 150m, 300m and 2700m bulk spools are available in 9 different diameters, from ø 0,07mm to ø 0,33mm.
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