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Lanterns & Lights

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  1. New Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern
    The Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern has a powerful maximum output of 185 lumens. Unlike standard lanterns the Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern LED is
  2. New Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-300 Lantern
    The Sat-A-Lite SL300 Lantern has a powerful output of 300 lumens that is perfect for providing ultra-bright all round illumination.
  3. New Coleman Northstar Lantern
    The Coleman Northstar Lantern is the brightest most powerful Lantern in the coleman range. Running on standard unleaded fuel or premium coleman fuel i
  4. New Fox Halo LT-100 Lantern Fox Halo LT-100 Lantern
    The Fox Halo LT-100 Lantern offers up to 38 hours of illumination and the water resistant Fox Halo LT-100 Lantern delivers an impressive 100 lumens ou
  5. Ridge Monkey Action Camera AS Adaptor (Head Only)
  6. Designed to fit action cameras that require the popular two-pronged mounting point, The Action camera bankstick adaptor will screw into any standard bankstick, storm pole, buzzer bar, landing net handle or similar
  7. A fully adjustable 3 way clamp that can be used almost anywhere in the swim to open up a whole new world of versatility. All RidgeMonkey Action Station branded products are fully interchangeable, with the base clamp providing the initial support.
  8. Attach your Bivvy Lite Duo to the Ridge Monkey Action Station Base Clamp, whether you want to light your swim overnight with an ambient glow or illuminate night-time trophy shots with the full beam, the adaptor brings a whole new versatility to the Bivvy Lite Duo range.
  9. Attach you Bivvy Lite Duo to any standard bankstick, storm pole, buzzer bar or landing net handle with this full adaptor kit.
  10. Bespoke design to house your Bivvy Lite Duo when in transit. Robust polycarbonate inner shell with soft touch lining.

    For Bivvy Lite IR, remote fob and USB cable
  11. Following the success of the Bivvy Lite Duo and Adaptor Range we are pleased to announce that the third instalment in the light range will sport IP64 water resistance and a new digital power indicator, along with a small range of minor tweaks to make it even more user friendly.
  12. New Trakker Armolife MXP Lantern Trakker Armolife MXP Lantern
    The Trakker Armolife MXP Lantern is a gas lantern manufactured from aluminium alloy and stainless steel.FeaturesFire resistant smash-proof lampshadeCe
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