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  1. New Gift Voucher
    Gift Vouchers For Any Occasion!

    Our gift vouchers are the perfect present for the carp angler in your life they can be spent in person in our shop or used for mail order over the telephone.

    To save you time and money all gift vouchers will be sent electronically via email for you to print off.
  2. For those that prefer to use the traditional USB-A output ports of the Vault C-Smart: compatible with almost all modern 5V devices and perfect for home or travel.
  3. Fantastic, exclusive imagery donated by some highly talented angling photographers, Helping to support the sport you love, with £7 of each purchase going towards the Embryo Habitats otter fencing project.
  4. Spare/replacement UK 3 Pin to EU 2 Pin Travel Adaptor for use with the RidgeMonkey Vault range, converts UK three pin plugs for use in foreign sockets instantly. Can also be used with other UK 3 pin products when travelling throughout Europe.
  5. RidgeMonkey Vault USB-C to USB-C PD Compatible Cable, 1 Metre
  6. Cut the clutter with the Vault USB-C to Multi Out Cable - three cables in one!! Compatible with almost all modern 5V devices and perfect for home or travel.
  7. A Night Fishing Cover is engineered specifically for Deeper Smart Fish finder and Deeper Smart Sonars to maximize a device functionality and enable its usage at night. The Night Fishing Cover allows a bright flashing LED light to pass through its translucent orange cover, so it can be distinctly seen at a distance and in the dark. Which makes it impossible to lose Deeper device from your sight. Small and light Night Fishing Cover is simple to replace.
  8. 15W Car Charger Adaptor for the RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart powerbank: can also be used with other 5V USB-A and 5V USB-C compatible devices. Intelligently detects the connected device to automatically supply the appropriate 5V current for optimum performance.
  9. Spare RidgeMonkey Vault 3A Power Adaptor
  10. Catch-M8 is a simple and practical way to take perfect angling trophy shots with your smartphone.
    Perfect if you fish on your own and don’t want to carry heavy camera equipment.
  11. Now with up to 180 hours of continuous use from a single 4 hour charge, these three new Bivvy Lite models sport a compact, lightweight design with magnetic fittings and backing plate that allows fitment to any bivvy, brolly or tent as well as any nearby ferrous metal for your convenience. Incredibly simple to use with simple push button controls, the Bivvy Lite Plus, Pro IR and Elite IR raise the portable lighting bar higher than ever before.
  12. Designed for hands-free use enabling you to relax and enjoy your favourite film or TV series or just surf the web from the comfort of your bedchair. An adjustable clamp allows the tablet holder to easily and securely attach to your bedchair or chair while a flexible goose neck arm and rotational head holder allows the tablet holder to be positioned in a convenient position to suit you.
  13. High-powered 45W Car Charger Adaptor for the RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart powerbank: can also be used with other USB-A, USB-C, QC 3.0 and PD compatible devices. Communicates with the attached device and negotiate the appropriate voltage and current for optimum performance.
  14. Spare/replacement AC Adaptor for the RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart powerpack: can also be used with other USB-C PD compatible devices.
  15. New-36% Trakker Nitelife L4 Headtorch and Cyclone Beanie Combo
    Each combo includes

    1 x Trakker Nitelife L4 Headtorch
    1 x Trakker Cyclone Beanie Combo

    RRP - £61.98
    Erics Mega Deal Price - £39.99
  16. New-40% Trakker Nitelife L5 Headtorch and Ochre Beanie Combo
    Each combo includes

    1 x Trakker Nitelife L5 Headtorch
    1 x Trakker Ochre Beanie

    RRP - £82.98
    Erics Mega Deal Price - £49.99
  17. The ultimate accessory for your Smart Fish Finder -With this device you can attach your fish finder directly to any kind of boats, kayaks, canoes, float tubes or radio controlled floating devices with this versatile Flexible Arm.
  18. Power your USB devices with free solar power!! Featuring twin high power USB ports, a compact foldable design and a rugged weather-resistant outer, the RidgeMonkey Vault 16W Solar Panel is easy to use and transport whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing or simply enjoying the great outdoors.
  19. New-58% Shimano Sport Camera CM-1000
    Everyone loves a gadget, and a bargain too for that matter.
    So we're absolutely delighted to be able to offer you both, in the form of the new Shimano (underwater) Sport Camera.
    As is usually the case in these scenarios it's a while stocks last kind of deal guys, so grab em' while you can.
  20. With the XSR Fortis set out to build the ultimate angling binoculars. The XSR binoculars are designed to provide the angler with pin sharp vision for even the furthest of casts.
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