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Cooking Equipment and Bags

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  1. New Aqua Brew Kit Bag Black Series
    New for 2015 the Brew Kit Bag is the perfect place to stow a pan set and brew kit. Can also be used inside the Modular Coolbag as an alternative to the Session Coolbag - better still it fits inside the new Bucket Bag for storing pop-ups and PVA.
  2. New-3% Aqua Black Series Deluxe Cool Bag
    Black Series Deluxe Cool Bag
    This deluxe cool bag has double insulation as well as improved baffles around the zip areas.
  3. New Aqua Black Series Gas Pouch
    Black Series Gas Pouch
    Gas canister's freezing up in winter lead to prolonged burn times and poor efficiency, insulate your canister with our neoprene gas pouch suited to the larger 450 gram canister's
  4. New-5% Aqua Modular Coolbag Black Series
    Refined for 2015 with a hard wearing, bronze foil lining for durability and close cell foam for superior insulation. Designed to be used in conjunction with our Standard and Session Coolbags.
  5. New-4% Aqua Black Series Roving Cool Bag
    A dedicated cool bag designed to be housed in the lower section of our Roving Rucksack. This compact size coolbag with hard wearing, bronze foil lining will accommodate approximately 4 kilos of boilies.
  6. New-26% Aqua Session Coolbag Black Series
    Black Series Session Coolbag
  7. New-10% Aqua Standard Coolbag Black Series
    Black Series Standard Coolbag
  8. This smart cool bag is useful for bait or food. The perfect size to fit the majority of barrow bags. Features a super strong cool bag lining, perfect for keeping everything fresh.
  9. Small: Great for small quantities of bait or food like bread, meats and cheeses
    Large: Great for larger quantities of bait or food along with stoves and gas Canisters
    Cube: Great for larger quantities of bait or food along with stoves and gas canisters. Comes with internal dividers
  10. -42% Chub All In One Cook Set Chub All In One Cook Set
    Chub's first complete cookware set contains all the equipment needed to cook on the bank.
    Set contains 2.2L pot, 1.2L pot, 7.5" fry pan, 0.9L kettle, towl
  11. -23% Chub Classic Kettle
    Made of hard anodised aluminum with Silicone wrapped handle
  12. -29% Chub Coffee Maker Chub Coffee Maker
    Enjoy filter coffee in the outdoors with this trendy coffee maker.
  13. -41% Chub Coffee Maker Bundle (Foldable Stove / Coffee Maker / Gas)
    Erics MegaDeal Coffee Maker bundle for the Coffee lovers out there
  14. -43% Chub Foldable Gas Stove
    This foldable stove is a great product in the Vantage cookware range. Very compact with power up to 3000W.
  15. -17% Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle
    This innovative foldable kettle is the future of portable kettle design. High quality, very durable and made of foldable silicone material.
  16. -53% Chub NRG 2 Piece Cook Set
    This frying pan and saucepan set is created with energy gathering loop to impove heat efficiency by up to 50%.
    Set contains 1,7L pot, 7,5" fry pan
  17. -24% Chub Sandwich Maker / Toaster
    A popular cookware product that is a must have for many carp anglers. Primarily a sandwichmaker, this product is very versitile.
  18. -33% Chub Screw-On Gas Stove
    60 Degree taper design
    Annular ring of fire
    Concentrated fire zone up to 2600 W
    Safe to use
    Complete foldable
    Small size and easy to carry
  19. New-23% Chub Vantage All Season Gas Sleeve 2016 Model
    Padded exterior - keeps working in freezing conditions and protected from knocks and dents.
  20. New Chub Vantage Long Session Food Bag
    Larger capacity for all your session food and cooking kit. Removable side pouches can be joined together to create a really useful 24hr micro food bag
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