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Float & Feeder Rods

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  1. Daiwa's design team have excelled themselves in the creation of this amazing mix of rods for commercial fishery work but at an astonishing price.

    All created around two piece assembly, the three float rods will perfectly serve the pellet waggler, whereas the two feeder rods, with carbon quivers offer a pick up feel and seamless action that will make them a joy to play fish on.

    Available Options
    Carp Match 10ft
    Carp Match 11ft
    Carp Match 12ft
    Carp Feeder 10ft
    Carp Feeder 11ft
  2. The Ninja feeder rods serve the commercial and wild water angler alike.

    Available in four lengths there is a rod choice for all techniques, including the 13ft 3pc for ‘distance/method’. The 10ft, 11ft and 12ft feature a two section assembly making them perfect for ‘pre-set ups’ for commercial waters.
  3. This quartet of float rods offers the pleasure and match angler access to rods for virtually any float method.

    The 10’, 11’ and 12ft feature a two section assembly making them perfect for ‘pre-set ups’ for commercial waters. The 13’ 3pc waggler is well suited to rivers or stillwaters.
  4. The Drennan Acolyte Plus 10ft Feeder is super slim and lightweight with reserves of power.
  5. The Drennan Acolyte Plus 11ft Feeder is a super slim, lightweight rod with a stepped-up action for situations where slightly more strength and power are required.
  6. The eagerly anticipated Acolyte Ultra 10ft Feeder is now here!
  7. Acolyte Ultra Feeder rods have all the hallmarks of quality as our award-winning Acolyte Float models. It has taken a considerable amount of time and effort to field-test prototypes and then fine-tune every element in our design rooms – but we are sure you will be impressed with the finished product!
  8. The Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder is the perfect short-range weapon for commercial fisheries.

    It is an ideal choice for casting bombs and feeders up to 25 metres when targeting bream, tench, F1s and match-sized carp to 8lb.
  9. The original Tench & Bream rod was launched back in 2009 and was purpose designed for anglers fishing at range for specimen bream and tench. It quickly became a must-have rod among specialist anglers and the all-new Mk2 version is a very worthy successor.

    The Drennan Specialist 12ft Tench & Bream Mk2 is purpose designed for the discerning big fish angler and The Drennan Specialist 12ft Distance Tench & Bream Mk2 is ideal for targeting specimen fish at long range.

  10. Designed to take the helm from Fox’s best selling Warrior S range, these Royale rods have been created with diversity of use in mind and perform equally well coarse fishing on rivers as they do specialist fishing on stillwaters.
  11. The Alivio AX Barbel Rod is a specialist tool designed for the angler who prefers to fish smaller, more intermit venues for their oversized occupants.

    Available Options:
    Alivio AX Barbel Classic 12ft 1.5lb
    Alivio AX Barbel Power 12ft 1.75lb
  12. One of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated. If you fish commercial waters then this is the only rod range for you. Shimano's New Beastmaster Commercials are based on the original best selling series with the aid of the latest technology creating a top of the range rod that doesn't break the bank. Each rod has been designed with a purpose to create a range that covers every commercial match fishing situation.

    Available Options:
    Beastmaster CX 8ft Commercial Picker
    Beastmaster CX 10ft Commercial Feeder Rod
    Beastmaster CX10ft Commercial Float Rod
    Beastmaster CX Multi 9ft - 11ft Feeder Rod
    Beastmaster CX Multi 9ft - 11ft Float Rod

  13. For anglers on a tight budget the Forcemaster Commercial offers great value. There are three float and three feeder models to choose from. All have forgiving fish-playing actions and offer versatile performance, backed by one of the biggest brands in fishing.

    Available Options:
    ForceMaster AX Commercial12ft Feeder Distance
    ForceMaster AX Commercial12ft Float
    ForceMaster AX Commercial11ft Feeder Mini
    ForceMaster AX Commercial11ft Float Mini
    ForceMaster AX Commercial10ft Feeder Mini
    ForceMaster AX Commercial10ft Float Mini
  14. The completely new Speedmaster AX Commercial range is developed for commercial fishing which is gaining a lot more popularity in the last few years. The range consist of picker, float, and feeder rods that can be used in commercial ponds and smaller water bodies.

    Available Options:
    Speedmaster AX 8ft Commercial Picker
    Speedmaster AX 10ft Commercial Feeder
    Speedmaster AX 9ft - 11ft Commercial Multi Feeder
    Speedmaster AX 10ft Commercial Float
    Speedmaster AX 11ft Commercial Float
  15. Supplied in two 12ft versions – Classic and Power – the Vengeance Barbel are sure to impress anglers of all levels of experience seeking this noble hard-fighting river species. Both are supplied with a traditional Avon-style top section plus a second carrier with three different strength quivertips. Constructed from XT30 carbon fitted with Shimano hardlite guides and reel seat, the classic has a 1.5lb test curve with the Power version rated at 1.75lb.
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