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  1. Built to match the performance of many more expensive models, the Carbon Light Material Housing was designed with their concept of staying lightweight, whilst maintaining its toughness which makes it easier to manage.
  2. The outstanding looks of the Fuego LT are complemented by its performance. The ultra-light body, rotor, spool and handle combine to deliver amazing weight saving but durability is maintained thanks to Mag Sealed and Tough Digigear.
  3. Designed with the concept of light, yet tough, in mind, the Daiwa LT range of reels gives you powerful performance with effortless handling. Featuring light carbon housing, a DS4 Air Rotor and AIrbail, the Daiwa Legalis LT is a reel that gives a far stronger performance than the feel of it would suggest, and allows you to enjoy an active day’s fishing without losing casting ability to fatigue.
  4. New Daiwa 18 Ninja LT Daiwa 18 Ninja LT
    LT Light & Tough
    Graphite Body
    Graphite Rotor
    Tough Digigear
    ABS spool
    ATD drag
    Machine cut Aluminium handle
    Soft touch Handle knob
    New generation line clip
  5. This latest Crossfire offers superior value for money with various Daiwa features.
  6. With the FREAMS A the DAIWA engineers succeeded in integrating the innovative MAG SEALED technology in a cheap price range.
  7. Carrying the iconic combination of a gold spool and black body these GS LTD models utilise key technology features to deliver power, speed, smoothness and durability.
  8. Legalis Match & Feeder reels carry a variety of top end features and each offer a high crank rate for rapid retrieval when distance fishing.
  9. The latest Ninja match/feeder reels offer the same winding smoothness of their predecessors but now with the benefit of a new distance control line clip. In addition, the range has grown to offer a 2508 as well as a 3012 in single and double handle. The larger 4012 is in single handle only.
  10. Quite simply the Ninja reels are staggeringly good. Their highly noticeable look is of course backed up with an array of features and typical Daiwa performance.
  11. -31% Daiwa Regal BR4000 (RG4000BR) Daiwa Regal BR4000 (RG4000BR)
    5 ball bearings
    Infinite Anti-Reverse
    Aluminium spool
    Aluminium handle
    Soft touch handle knob
    Smooth Bite & Run
    Ratio: 5.2:1
    Crank: 98cm
    Weight: 520g / 18.3oz
    Line Capacity: 270m - 0.30mm
    Drag: 5kg / 11lb
  12. -40% Daiwa Sweepfire E 1500C Reel
  13. Fully kitted out with all the technology and attention to detail that anglers have come to expect from Daiwa, the Sweepfire includes a Digigear drive, which offers smooth, reliable performance, and driving power under pressure, and ABS spool that will stand up to bouncing barrow journeys, hasty packing, and the sudden shock of flinging a rucksack or rod holdall down onto ground that turns out to be harder than it looks, and Twistbuster, which ensures your line flows out smoothly, and lands perfectly, for spot on presentation in any conditions.
  14. Breaking the price barrier and punching above its weight the Sweepfire X will put in a performance belonging to more expensive counterparts.

    The swift 5.2:1, convenient rear drag and Twist Buster ensure you have all that you need.

    Available Options:
    Sweepfire 2050X
    Sweepfire 2550X
    Sweepfire 3050X
  15. The FD reel comes with two additional ultra shallow alloy spools, resulting in perfect line lay. On each spool, there is a useful recess where you can help conceal the knot used to attach the line to the reel. Rubber identifier buttons are also included, they allow you to mark each spool with the correct line breaking strain for easy identification and fit flush into the rim of the spool. The ultra smooth front drag acts as a slipping mechanism to help prevent line breakages while playing fish. For easy and compact storage, the reel features a push button quick fold handle.

    Available in:
  16. This feeder reel offers an incredibly smooth performing rear drag, This reel is ideal for experienced, novice, and budgeting anglers alike!
  17. This float reel offers an incredibly smooth performing rear drag, This reel is ideal for experienced, novice, and budgeting anglers alike!
  18. The Series 7 Feeder 9-40 reel features a rear drag system and is suited to all forms of feeder fishing.
  19. The Series 7 Float 9-30 reel features a rear drag system and is suited to all forms of float fishing.
  20. Great reliable free spool reel at a bargain price
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