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  1. -15% Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer Socks
  2. The Competition Pro Flat Roller covers all pole fishing requirements and provides the angler with supreme stability and reliability, even when shipping at extreme lengths.
  3. Perfect for precision location of your rod butt when feeder fishing, fully adjustable and featuring dual Snap-Lok quick release cams for ultimate adjustability.
  4. OffBox Pole Rests can be used as a pair for holding the pole in place whilst feeding or balling in, or singly as a section rest.
  5. UK's best selling V pole roller!

    Based on an ultra lightweight tripod, this roller has been a huge success since its launch. Not only does it have the height adjustable features, it also has the added advantage of being able to alter the angle at which the legs are set, making any type of bankside terrain easy to cope with.
Set Descending Direction