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Pole Rigs

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  1. Drennan AS Rigs have been constructed to Alan Scotthorne’s precise specifications, right down to the shotting patterns.
    Each rig comes on a specially printed pole winder and is tied using Supplex line in appropriate diameters.
    They are completed with a 15cm (6in) hook­length and corresponding Drennan hook.

    Four styles are available incorporating the latest AS pole floats:
    AS1 - F1 & Carp,
    AS2 - Big Carp,
    AS3 - Silverfish & F1
    AS4 - Margin Carp
  2. Drennan new generation Carp Pole Rigs have been purpose-designed to help you catch more carp on commercial fisheries
  3. New Drennan Margin Crystal Rigs Drennan Margin Crystal Rigs
    There are three Margin Crystal Rig options, each expertly tied and feature Drennan's super strong Margin Crystal floats.
  4. Tyson floats have bodies coated in tough varnish and have been constructed using quality carbon and fibre glass for the stems.
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