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Pole Accessories

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  1. New Preston Innovations Double Slider Winders Preston Innovations Double Slider Winders
    New and improved these Double Winders now feature two sliders so two rigs can be stored on each winder. There is a slot for your hook and a peg which would hold a loop, meaning that rigs can be tied and hooklengths added at a later date if needed – without kinking your line. Available in a wide range of sizes, colour-coded to suit each size. Also available in trays, boxes and the new tray system for the Absolute Station.
  2. New Preston Innovations Slip Elastic Lubricant 14ml
    Slip Elastic Lubricant is the perfect lubricant for all Preston pole elastics. The thin liquid adheres to the elastic to form an ultra fine film that ensures smooth elastic performance
  3. New Preston Innovations Slip System Natural Latex Elastic
    This high quality pure latex is sized in both diameter and numbers to enable the angler to make an informed comparison. Supplied on five metre spools, this elastic has a super smooth surface and consistent stretch to give the ultimate performance and reduce the number of lost fish.
  4. New Preston Innovations Sprinkle Soft Cad Pots Preston Innovations Sprinkle Soft Cad Pots
    Available in two sizes the Sprinkle Soft CAD Pots are designed to allow you to easily regulate the amount of bait that you feed in each swim.
  5. New Preston Innovations Top Tubes
    Designed for storing elasticated top two sections safely. Top Tubes are convenient and make best use of space. The specially designed elastic protector and end cap ensure that elastics are not damaged.
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