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Landing Nets

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  1. New Drennan Acolyte Landing Nets Drennan Acolyte Landing Nets
    Acolyte Hook Resistant Landing Nets are unlike anything else on the market and offer a significant technical improvement on existing match and carp nets.
  2. New Drennan S7 Extra Strong Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3.30m) Drennan S7 Extra Strong Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3.30m)
    The Series 7 Ex-Strong Carp Match 3.3m Landing Net Pole is great for general use and will easily handle larger carp.
  3. New Fox Specialist Landing Net Mk2
    New and improved version of original Specialist Landing Net head
    Reinforced frame for extreme reliability
    Soft-tough, hardwearing mesh
    Strong, moulded spreader block
    Available in 24ins and 30ins

    Please Note: Landing net handles not included
  4. Greys Prodigy Landing Net Handle 1.8m, Lightweight construction, Secure screw fitting, non-slip grip, protective metal butt.
  5. New Guru Landing Nets Guru Landing Nets
    Guru have designed four different landing net heads to cover any fishing situation that you’re likely to find yourself in, either on a commercial or when fishing matches on rivers and canals.

    The Speed 400, Speed 500, Competition 500 and Dual 550 models will handle everything from netting silver fish on light tackle through to bundling big carp into them, and there is an appropriate size and type of mesh for pretty much anything.
  6. New Korum Folding Spoon Landing Net
    This collapsible spoon net is great for roving anglers or coarse anglers short on space. Transportable, strong and fish friendly.
    Available in 22", 26" and 30"
  7. Designed for over-sized barbel and carp to 30lb, the Latex spoons are designed to be the ultimate in net design.

    Offering the equivalent size as a 36" triangular net, the 30" net is ideal for the angler stalking large carp, or lure fishing for pike.

    The latex mesh used on both nets is highly hook resistant, making these nets ideal for pike fishing. The super-strong aluminium spreader block and frame can be pushed through thick weed, making it ideal for stalking.
  8. New Korum Latex Folding Spoon Landing Net - 26"
    Unique collapsible construction
    Fish-friendly, quick-dry mesh
    Mega lightweight frame
    Reinforced screw thread
    Complete with nylon stink sleeve
    Suitable for use with all Korum landing net poles
  9. New Korum Specialist Landing Net Pole 1.8m
    If you're looking for a strong, all-round net handle that's perfect for a range of fishing situations - you've found it! The Korum Specialist Landing Net Handle is ideal for commercial fisheries, river fishing or specimen fishing situations.
  10. New Korum Telepower Landing Net Handle 3m
    The 3m Tele-Power handle is a super strong handle for a wide range of fishing situations. Perfect for commercial fisheries, steep river banks or other types of fishing where a strong handle is needed.
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