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  1. -18% Daiwa Complete Net Pack Daiwa Complete Net Pack
    The complete net pack features a 3.0m carp and 2.5m silverfish net plus 50cm net head and stink bag.
  2. -37% Daiwa Team Daiwa Carp Keepnet - 3.0m
    3.0m long to hold carp. It has really smooth, strong, fine meshed netting.
  3. -22% Daiwa Team Daiwa Silverfish Keepnet - 2.5m Daiwa Team Daiwa Silverfish Keepnet - 2.5m
    With so many fisheries now insisting on a ‘two net policy’ we have developed a dedicated 2.5m net that can be used to keep Silver Fish separate. It is also suited to carp. Smooth, strong, fine meshed netting.
  4. Drennan Match Silverfish Keepnets are designed with match anglers in mind and come in two sizes 8ft (2.5m) and 10ft (3m).
  5. Guru keepnets come in a choice of 2.5m Silver Match, 3m Carp Match, or 4m International Match designs to cover a range of situations and species, and they’re all built to last for many seasons.
Set Descending Direction