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  1. Natural, organic, unrefined and packed with nutrients – Hemp oil with its high levels of Omega 6 is THE most attractive and enriching oil available. It boasts a complex but near perfect amino profile identifying the reason that fish are so attracted to it.
  2. This oil is HOT! Natural and packed with nutrients this Hot Chilli Oil is stuffed with healthy Omegas and with an added kick to attract fish and enrich your baits.
  3. This Krill & Tuna combination is catching fish everywhere. This complex oil will add more flavour and attraction giving your bait even more boost. Strong Krill & Tuna elements give this oils its fishy pungency adding long range amino compounds to your swim. Attraction at its best to heighten the fishes sense – this is a kick of marine that no carp can resist.
  4. Bait-Tech bottle liquids are 250ml and come in the following flavours:
    Sweet Coconut – PVA-friendly,
    Sweet Strawberry,
    Pellet – PVA-friendly,
    Green Lipped Mussel,
    Predator Plus,
    Sweet Liquid Molasses – PVA- friendly,
    Sizzling Spicy Sausage – PVA- friendly,
    Krill & Tuna,
    Sizzling Spicy Sausage – PVA-friendly,
    Liquid Krill & Tuna.
  5. This oil contains Tiger Nut & Peanut Oil and smells delicious. Natural and packed with nutrients this is a nutty delight stuffed with healthy Omega 6 to attract fish and enrich your baits.
  6. 100% natural ingredients infused with Bait-Tech's own spice blends and herb extracts make these oils the ones to be using.
    These 500ml Oils come in 4 flavours:
    Nutty Oil,
    Krill & Tuna Oil,
    Hemp Oil,
    Polony Oil,
    Super Fish Oil.
  7. This thick delicious glug contains a unique 8 secret herbs and spice blend which means you can have complete confidence that this glug is stuffed with fish catching attractors!

    Poloni Glug will increase the pulling power of any hook bait, it’s also PVA friendly so its perfect for adding to solid PVA bags or PVA mesh stick mixes, the rich nutritional glug will leak off its super potent big fish catching attractors to help you put more carp on the bank.
  8. The attraction properties this oils holds is unrivaled. The natural herbs and spices that infuse this make it a must have addition for any serious angler. Made with Bait-Tech’s famous blend of 8 herbs and spices, this savoury-spiced liquid will excel in any situation. Complex amino and essence of Polony make this attraction at its best.
  9. For increased attraction and maximum reaction – this is Special G in a glug!
  10. Increase the attraction of any bait with this range of Stick Mix Liquids. They are PVA-Friendly and come in 4 flavours: Scopex, Berry, Pineapple & Krill.
  11. Bait-Tech’s CSL is a sweet, flavour-packed, vitamin-rich liquid that can be used in a multitude of ways. Its uses really are endless as it’s ideal for mixing groundbaits and method mixes, soaking particles or pellets, glugging and flavouring pellets and as a boilie dip making a sloppy flavour-packed spod mix, or even fed as a neat flavour in shallow water….plus endless other uses! Available in: Natural, Chilli, Krill & Tuna.
  12. This Super Fish Oil is natural and packed with nutrients to attract fish and enrich your baits. This is our secret blend of high quality Fish Oils for maximum attraction.
  13. This Sweet Glug can be used anywhere and on anything.
  14. This rich and highly nutritional glug contains a special blend of roasted nuts and a sweet liquid food attractor. Our Nutty Glug is thick enough to cling to any hook bait. The PVA-friendly plug can be added to solid PVA bags and PVA mesh stick mixes.
  15. Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid contains liquid carp attractors as used in the Triple-N boilie mix. This Stick Mix liquid can be used to boost attraction on any bait such as boilies, pellets and spod mixes. Perfect for use with the Triple-N Stick & Bag mix
  16. Amino Blend 365,
    Feedstim XP,
    Hemp Oil,
    Hot Chorizo Extract
    Liquid Betaine,
    Liquid Liver Extract,
    Liquid Robin Red,
    Liquid Shellfish Concentrate,
    Pure Salmon Oil,
    Roasted Nut Extract,
  17. Each Yum Yum Bait Booster is based on a special liquid krill protein base, which is a well-established appetite stimulant used in the big-carp scene. Unlike concentrated additives, it is a form of ‘liquid food’ so it is difficult to overdo the application levels. Being denser than water ensures it goes straight to the bottom where it can work its magic, slowly leaking attractants and drawing fish into your swim.
  18. New Hinders Nodd Oil
    Hinders Nodd Oil is such a fine fish oil that it's easy to use all year round. Makes a huge slick to attract fish to your hookbait in a flash!
  19. New Hinders Tuna Oil
    Hinders Tuna Oil can be used to enhance your stick mix, spod mix or groundbait. Use approx 30ml of Tuna Oil per dry kilo. Ideal for coating pellets particularly in the summer to create a nice slick on the water to draw the fish into your swim.
  20. Kiana Carp Goo is manufactured by experienced carp man, Ian Huntington to a secret reciepe, known to very few people! This enigmatic bait additive can be used to glug hook baits, or boost the power of spod and stick mixes. There are now 24 variants in the range, including blockbusters like Squid Supreme, Pineapple Supreme and the four Almond Goos, to name but a few. The combinations are limitless and we're only just scratching the surface of what is possible with these fascinating liquids.
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