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  1. New-19% Chub Outkast Chair 2016 Model Chub Outkast Chair 2016 Model
    Designed for maximum comfort the Outkast Chair has extra long individually adjustable legs with swivelling non-slip mud feet for added height and stability. Fully adjustable.
  2. New-20% Chub RS Plus Chair 2016 Model
    The RS+ chair is built around an extremely stable and robust steel frame. The chair is fully adjustable with folding front and rear legs which include swivelling mud feet and individual plate lock leg adjusters.
  3. New-24% Chub RS Plus Chair Mate 2016 Model Chub RS Plus Chair Mate 2016 Model
    An easy to use chair which will help eliminate bedchair back Just place across the bedchair and secure in place by the straps. These straps allow the RS+ Chair Mate to be used on bedchairs with padded perimeters giving more freedom than the clip type of chair. Universal size fits all bedchairs.
  4. New-17% Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair 2016 Model
    The chair is built around a robust frame of lightweight, high-tensile steel and has four independently adjustable legs and swivelling mud feet. It also features aluminium arm rests, and a two-tone hardwearing material.
  5. New-41% Chub RS Plus SupaLite Chair 2016 Model
    The RS+ SuperLite is a low profile chair ideal for many types of angling. Extremely light and compact, it's ideal for the mobile angler, those short of transport space and for stalking when keeping low and out of sight is a must.
  6. New-19% Chub Vantage Chair 2016 Model
    Designed to offer maximum comfort, the Vantage Chair features a 50mm thick padded mattress with a comfortable micro-fleece finish. Combined with the anti-sagging connection system it offers you unrivalled comfort and durability.
  7. New-16% Chub Vantage Long Leg Recliner Chair 2016 Model
    The long-leg feature, combined with the nylon covered arm rests, makes it one of the most relaxing recliners on the market today.
  8. New Daiwa Black Widow Carp Chair
    Designed around a steel frame, featuring a cushioned seat and backrest plus extendable legs with swivel mud feet.
  9. New Daiwa Infinity Adjustable Chair Daiwa Infinity Adjustable Chair
    The Daiwa Infinity Adjustable Chair is made from a lightweight 22mm aluminium frame and 600D PVC backed polyester. The Daiwa Infinity Adjustable Chair
  10. New Daiwa Infinity Aluminium Adjustable Chair
    Offering super comfort and practical size the adjustable aluminium chair is remarkably light at a shade over 5kg. Four camlock telescopic legs with mud feet ensure easy levelling.
  11. New Daiwa Mission Bedchair Backrest Daiwa Mission Bedchair Backrest
    The Daiwa Mission Bedchair Backrest has been designed to support your back whilst sitting on the edge of a bedchair. The Daiwa Mission Bedchair Backre
  12. New Daiwa Mission Carp Chair Daiwa Mission Carp Chair
    The incredibly comfy Daiwa Mission Chair provides somewhere to sit during a session and avoid the problem sof backache associated with sitting on the
  13. New Daiwa Mission Specialist Chair Daiwa Mission Specialist Chair
    The Daiwa Mission Specialist Chair has a low profile but provides great levels of comfort. The Daiwa Mission Specialist Chair is constructed from a st
  14. New-8% Fox Adjusta Level Chair Fox Adjusta Level Chair
    The Fox Adjusta Level Chair is back by popular demand; we are resurrecting one of the most successful chairs of all time! Following numerous requests
  15. Unique Fox Camo pattern
    Stiffened EVA handles
  16. New-18% Fox Duralite Chair Fox Duralite Chair
    Strong but exceptionally lightweight Duralite Magnesium Alloy construction and padded seat aids comfort whilst helping to keep overall weight low
  17. New-10% Fox FX Camo Super Deluxe Recliner Chair
    Fox Camo FX Super Deluxe Recliner.
    Another new product that is the result of huge demand from our customers across Europe, the carp fishing world’s most comfortable chair is now available in the unique Fox Camo pattern.
  18. New-6% Fox FX Combo Chair Fox FX Combo Chair
    The Fox FX Combo Chair is a unique bedchair buddy style chair that has no less than three uses!Use 1 - Traditional Bedchair BuddyFirstly it can be use
  19. New-7% Fox FX Super Deluxe Recliner Fox FX Super Deluxe Recliner
    The Fox FX Super Deluxe Recliner is one of th most comfortable chairs ever produced. The Fox FX Super Deluxe Recliner features neoprene covered arm re
  20. Following the huge success of the R Series Camo bedchairs Fox were inundated with requests for a range of matching R Series Chairs. There are three in the range starting with the smallest and lowest R1 and finishing with the largest and highest R3. As you go from R1 through to R3 the height increases and so does the number of features.
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