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  1. New Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack
    A compact version of our large Black Series rucksack. This smaller version is ideally suited to the mobile anglers and those who like the freedom of a rucksack but don’t tend to take the kitchen sink.
  2. New Aqua Endura Roving Rucksack
    Part of the exciting new Atom Concept this feature packed rucksack is the basis for all your roving needs. A sturdy well thought out rucksack makes swim hopping a tireless task.
  3. New Aqua Large Rucksack Black Series
    A large-capacity, free-standing rucksack, offering easy access to the main compartment under a well-fitting weather flap. A multitude of external pockets offer a modular method of stowage. Comfortable to carry with its new, ergonomic moulded neoprene back system.
  4. New Chub Vantage Day-Sack 2016 Model
    The Chub Daysack is a stylish, lightweight and compact rucksack with a 20ltr capacity. Due to the many special design features the Daysack is extremely versatile for use on or off the bank. Ideal for the roving or stalking angler who wants to travel light.
  5. Daiwa Mission Roving Rucksack - 40 Ltr
  6. ESP Rucksack
  7. New-6% Fox Camolite Ruckall Fox Camolite Ruckall
    Unique design that combines the benefits of a rucksack and carryall in one. Padded, 3D non-slip shoulder straps and a padded back section make Ruckall very comfortable to carry. Padded back becomes lid when Ruckall is placed on the ground.
  8. New-5% Fox FX 55-Litre Rucksack Fox FX 55-Litre Rucksack
    The novel design of the Fox FX 55-Litre Rucksack features stepped pocket positioning strategically placed EVA grab handles and zip down flat back allo
  9. New-6% Fox FX Large Carryall Fox FX Large Carryall
    The Fox FX Large Carryall is a top spec carryall with all of the key features of the high quality FX range including double 10mm zips with sculpted pu
  10. New Fox Royale 40-Litre Rucksack Fox Royale 40-Litre Rucksack
    The Fox Royale 40-Litre Rucksack is perfect for the mobile or roving angler. The Fox Royale 40-Litre Rucksack has been ergonomically designed to be sp
  11. New-12% Gardner Specialist/Barbel Rucksack
    The Gardner Specialist/Barbel Rucksack was designed by Neil Wayte specifically for the roving river angler but it can also be used by the stalking ang
  12. New JRC Contact Rucksack JRC Contact Rucksack
    Manufactured from hardwearing 500D polyester fabric the JRC Contact Rucksack has a 40 litre capacity designed to carry all the gear you need for stalk
  13. New-10% Nash Cube Ruckall (New)
    Nash Cube Ruckall (New) It's a rucksack, it's a carryall, it's a barrow bag - the Cube Ruckall is the one item luggage solution for carpers who fish a variety of venues and session lengths.
  14. New-10% Nash Rucksack (New)
    Nash Rucksack (New) Deceptively spacious, versatile and rugged load carrier.
  15. -10% Nash Scope Backpack Nash Scope Backpack
    Carries the kit required for day sessions and overnighters.

    Now with bankstick loop retainers
  16. New-10% Nash Scope Black Ops SL Assault Pack Nash Scope Black Ops SL Assault Pack
    Scope Black Ops SL Assault Pack
    Full-on assault system to carry kit and tackled up Sawn-Offs together.
  17. New-10% Nash Scope Black Ops SL Patrol Pack Nash Scope Black Ops SL Patrol Pack
    Scope Black Ops SL Patrol Pack
    Unique split modular design, the Patrol Pack is as at home carried on your back as on a barrow.
  18. New-10% Nash Scope Black Ops SL Rucksack Nash Scope Black Ops SL Rucksack
    Scope Black Ops SL Rucksack
    Carries full session kit effortlessly using a more flexible system than ever - the Speedload concept.
  19. New-10% Nash Scope Black Ops Stash Pack Nash Scope Black Ops Stash Pack
    Scope Black Ops Stash Pack
    Ultra compact storage for the opportunist carper.
  20. -10% Nash Scope Rucksack Nash Scope Rucksack
    Carries enough kit for any session, allowing you to cover ground with ease even when fully loaded.

    Huge capacity, brilliantly balanced
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